Date Source Title
2017-01-03 KSWB – San Diego SeaWorld unveils plans for tallest and fastest roller coaster (video clip)
2017-01-03 KGTV – San Diego SeaWorld Ends Shamu Show, Plans Roller Coaster (video clip)
2017-01-04 KPBS – San Diego SeaWorld San Diego To Have Last Orca Show on Sunday
2017-01-03 KOGO – San Diego New laws for 2017 (video clip)
2017-01-04 KFMB – San Diego Macy's to close 68 stores, including Mission Valley location (video clip)
2017-01-04 CGTV America 'Sextortion' Crackdown (video clip)
2016-12-29 KCBS - San Francisco Futuristic Border Security Developed at San Diego State (video clip)
2017-01-05 San Diego Business Journal SeaWorld Still Looks to Make a Splash Without Orca Shows
2017-01-06 Bloomberg BNA Business Owners Have Qualms About Offshoring
2017-01-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Petco cutting 180 jobs
2017-01-09 San Diego Union-Tribune 4 resolutions every California manager should make in the new year to limit legal trouble
2017-01-12 XETV – San Diego Chargers will have a $100 million a year impact on the City of San Diego (video clip)
2017-01-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Tax noisy vehicles? EconoMeter panelists reply
2017-01-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Chargers replacement? Don't count on it (video clip)
2017-01-13 Los Angeles Times Chargers' move shows California is sick of spending public money on the NFL
2017-01-13 KSWB – San Diego Moving to L.A. doubled value of Chargers franchise, professor says (video clip)
2017-01-19 KGTV – San Diego Company will split house down payment with you (video clip)
2017-01-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Whose tip is it anyway?
2017-01-25 USA Today The Dow has changed a lot: Does 20,000 matter?
2017-01-25 The Horizons Tracker Automating Lie Dectection in Airports
2017-01-25 Bloomberg Trump Hotels, Amid Calls to Divest Instead Plans U.S. Expansion
2017-01-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Return of manufacturing jobs: A tall order, says EconoMeter panel
2017-01-28 KUSI – San Diego President Trump has proposed a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports (video clip)
2017-01-27 KGTV – San Diego Border wall could give San Diegans stickershock at the store (video clip)
2017-01-30 Wallet Hub Super Bowl Fun Facts - The Big Game By The Numbers
2017-01-30 Forbes With Trump Deregulation Order, Is Dodd-Frank a Goner?
2017-01-30 KGTV – San Diego Team 10: Poway woman fights back against bank that didn't pay promotional bonus (video clip)
2017-01-31 Inc. Small Business Welcomes Trump Move to Cut Regulations as a 'Good First Step"
2017-01-31 KGTV – San Diego Newest Executive Order Helps Small Businesses (video clip)
2017-02-02 Avocados From Mexico keeps on message in Super Bowl ad despite political storm
2017-01-31 KOGO – San Diego Trump's choice for Supreme Court justice (video clip)
2017-02-06 Forbes The Internet Loved Those Political Super Bowl Ads
2017-02-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Don't go there on job applications
2017-02-06 Is a Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Reactor About to Fall Into the Ocean?
2017-02-06 KPBS – San Diego San Diego State Leads Business Education With Student Start-Ups (video clip)
2017-02-07 BizConnect If the local property market's troubling you it's time you go global
2017-02-07 KPBS – San Diego Waiting Lists For Affordable Housing, But Retail Space Sits Empty
2017-02-07 Forbes Killing Dodd-Frank & Fiduciary Rule Won't Be Easy, Wall Street Cautious
2017-02-09 KOMO - Seattle Trump lashes out after Nordstrom drops daughter's clothing line
2017-02-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Trump trade, immigration policies: A hit to San Diego economy?
2017-02-13 The Globe and Mail How to cultivate a creative corporate culture
2017-02-13 MarketWatch Nike and Coach are fighting Amazon by creating stores that appeal to all the senses
2017-02-13 This sports writer got fired for tweeting about Trump—here’s why it’s a lesson for all of us
2017-02-13 KOGO – San Diego Skin is In: Playboy Putting Centerfolds Back in Magazine (video clip)
2017-02-14 KOMO - Seattle Playboy Puts Nudes Back In Magazine (video clip)
2017-02-15 The Daily Aztec SDSU female entrepreneurs find support
2017-02-15 Wallet Hub Q1 2017 Auto Financing Report
2017-02-16 KUSI – San Diego Protecting Your Electronics From Hackers (video clip)
2017-02-16 San Diego Business Journal CEO Goes in Some Unusual Directions
2017-02-17 San Diego Union-Tribune Legalized pot: An economic boon to San Diego?
2017-02-20 San Diego Union-Tribune They asked you WHAT in your job interview?
2017-02-17 KSWB – San Diego SDSU wins national award for entrepreneur program (video clip)
2017-02-20 KNSD – San Diego Costco Struggling in Online Race (video clip)
2017-02-24 KGTV – San Diego Does Political Talk on Your Social Media Interfere with Work? (video clip)
2017-02-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Is 'Calexit' a good thing for the economy?
2017-02-23 San Diego Business Journal Flux’s Gamble Got the Market to Bet on Its Product
2017-02-26 KFMB – San Diego Rising gas prices expected to keep climbing (video clip)
2017-02-24 Los Angeles Times Oscars red carpet: 'The gravy train is over' for TV stations and networks (video clip)
2017-02-24 KNSD – San Diego Department Stores Face Challenge of Reinvention as Closures, Cutbacks Continue (video clip)
2017-02-25 Investor's Business Daily Academy Awards 'Swag Bags': Tax Tip For Celebrities - And You Too
2017-02-24 USA Today Here's why department stores aren't cutting it
2017-02-28 Los Angeles Times PwC's Oscars flop may not do long-term damage to its reputation
2017-02-28 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County home price increases slow
2017-03-01 Bloomberg BNA Charitable donation won't erase tax on Oscar swag for most celebrities
2017-03-02 San Francisco Chronicle Records reveal discipline inconsistencies in UC sex harassment
2017-03-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Qualcomm site: A sports/fun district a good reuse?
2017-03-05 San Diego Union-Tribune ESPN commentator says he was fired for something he didn't say. Could you be fired?
2017-03-06 Airport Robotic detection: a new approach for airport security?
2017-03-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Defense spending boost: Pros and cons
2017-03-10 San Diego Daily Transcript Pixar, Patagonia, Netflix have it. Does your company?
2017-03-15 Bloomberg Nike Put in Hot Seat for False Marketing by Chinese TV Show
2017-03-15 Fortune Samsung Won’t Get As Much Hate For The Bribery Scandal As Its Galaxy Note 7 Recall
2017-03-16 XETV – San Diego CPA- Americans are missing out on tax deductions (video clip)
2017-03-17 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego experts weigh in: Do U.S. trade deficits really matter?
2017-03-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Employer must take corrective action when a customer sexually harasses an employee
2017-03-20 KNSD – San Diego Local Universities Push the Idea of Innovation (video clip)
2017-03-16 San Diego Business Journal Silvergate: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Public?
2017-03-21 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Malls Ride A Changing Retail Wave
2017-03-21 KOGO – San Diego Gorsuch's Impact on the U.S. Supreme Court (video clip)
2017-03-23 KNSD – San Diego Small Businesses Face Hackers
2017-03-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Can philanthropy fill R&D grant gap if feds back away?
2017-03-23 KFMB – San Diego DOJ Investigation into Possible Campaign Violations (video clip)
2017-03-25 USA Today How extremist content and online ads meet
2017-03-28 The Horizons Tracker Facial Recognition on Trial at Schiphol Airport
2017-03-28 Los Angeles Times United Airlines says customers are 'welcome' to wear leggings - unlike teens who used special passes
2017-03-28 KGTV – San Diego United defending their banned leggings decision (video clip)
2017-03-28 KUSI – San Diego Why the Raiders and not the Los Angeles Chargers? (video clip)
2017-03-29 KNSD – San Diego Local Grocery Stores Experiment With Online Delivery (video clip)
2017-04-02 San Diego Union-Tribune When employer secrets aren’t really secret
2017-04-03 New USPS Service Lets You Digitally Preview That Day’s Mail Delivery
2017-04-03 San Diego Business Journal Does Proposed Bank Have What It Takes?
2017-03-31 San Diego Union-Tribune Is San Diego headed for a luxury-hotel glut?
2017-03-31 KOGO – San Diego Does United's Dress Code Discriminate Against Women? (video clip)
2017-04-01 AIR Magazine Robotic Detection
2017-04-05 The Christian Science Monitor Amid court battles for Uber drivers, a bill to make tipping easier could bring worthwhle change
2017-04-05 Pepsi backlash raises bigger question about company's marketing direction
2017-04-05 KNSD – San Diego 20 Local Companies Bid on President's Border Wall Design Plans (video clip)
2017-04-04 KGTV – San Diego Money heading back to people tricked by scammers (video clip)
2017-04-04 KGTV – San Diego Protecting Your Internet Browsing Habits (video clip)
2017-04-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Econometer: Should the US be run like a business?
2017-04-07 KOGO – San Diego What can we expect from Judge Neil Gorsuch (video clip)
2017-04-11 KUSI – San Diego President Trump's Tax Reform Plan (video clip)
2017-04-10 KPBS – San Diego California Bill Would Bar State From Contracting Companies That Build Trump’s Wall
2017-04-12 Public Which Emerging Tech Will Keep Travelers Safe At Airports And Other Transit Hubs?
2017-04-12 KUSI – San Diego San Diego Renters Will Need At Least A $648 Annual Raise To Keep Up With Rest Increases (video clip)
2017-04-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Will a rising minimum wage promote more spending to make up for lost jobs?
2017-04-13 San Diego Business Journal Border Wall Raises Economic as Well as Political Questions
2017-04-17 San Diego Union-Tribune What to say - and not to say - about an employee's termination
2017-04-15 Los Angeles Times Trump's plan to privatize air traffic control has benefits and pitfalls
2017-04-18 KGTV – San Diego Expert tips on spending - or saving - your tax refund (video clip)
2017-04-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Petco rival gobbles up pet food site
2017-04-18 The Guardian When lie detectors lie
2017-04-27 Wall Street Journal Homes That Are Frozen in Time
2017-04-21 KNSD – San Diego San Diego Doesn't Compare to Nationwide Real Estate Market Trends (video clip)
2017-04-20 San Diego Union-Tribune California bill punishing border wall builders may violate Constitution
2017-04-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Are Trump's plans to revive Export-Import Bank a good thing?
2017-04-24 KGTV – San Diego Identity thieves targeting kids
2017-04-25 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego median home price hits $515,000 in March — highest point in a decade
2017-04-20 KGTV Rent hikes slowing in San Diego (video clip)
2017-04-27 KGTV – San Diego How will Trump's tax reform impact San Diegans? Real estate expert weighs in
2017-05-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Court says employer can refuse to allow an employee to withdraw a voluntary resignation
2017-04-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Rising homelessness: Result from bad policy?
2017-05-01 CSO Magazine Believe your employer doesn’t know about your legal problems? Think again
2017-04-11 U.S. News & World Report 10 Business Schools With the Most Women
2017-05-03 KOGO – San Diego Facebook to Review Content for Criminal Activity (video clip)
2017-05-04 KFMB – San Diego Friend sent you a Google Doc? Don't open it! (video clip)
2017-05-04 KGTV – San Diego Delete your phone information from the rental car (video clip)
2017-05-04 KUSI – San Diego President Trump signs executive order allowing religious groups to have bigger role in politics (video clip)
2017-05-05 KOGO – San Diego New religious liberty law (video clip)
2017-05-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Trump tax reform eliminates local tax deductions, but is it a good thing?
2017-05-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Will single-payer health care in California help the economy?
2017-05-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Thousands turn tassels as SDSU begins commencements
2017-05-15 KGTV – San Diego Divorce insurance launches in San Diego (video clip)
2017-05-15 San Diego Union-Tribune Could a progressive discipline policy undermine an employer’s right to fire at will?
2017-05-15 KFMB – San Diego Cyberattack wave ebbs, but experts see risk of more (video clip)
2017-05-15 San Diego Union-Tribune Taco stand: Cohns' latest is 100% for charity
2017-05-16 MEL Magazine This Might Sound Stupid But… Who Can I Actually Trust with My Money?