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MBA in Supply Chain Management at SDSU

MBA: Supply Chain Management Specialization


The MBA Specialization in Supply Chain Management provides students with an academic curriculum focused on coordinating and integrating of materials, information, and finances as they flow both within and among companies. Common supply chain activities include sourcing, procurement, conversion, distribution, and logistics management. Supply chain management is the design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of maximizing value an organization creates for its stakeholders.

MBA Course Requirements

The MBA requires a program of study that consists of 4 major components – a core of basic business courses, a class in business strategy, electives, and a culminating experience course. For additional course information please refer to the MBA Curriculum page.

Supply Chain Specialization Description

The Supply Chain Management specialization is a total of 12 units, as follows:

Choose FOUR of these courses (12 units)
Recommended MIS 752 – Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning** MIS 749 – Business Analytics**
Recommended MIS 753 – Global Supply Chain Management** MKTG 761 – Product Innovation Management** or MKTG 769 – Seminar in International Marketing**
MIS 620 – E-Business Infrastructure** MGT 710 – Seminar in World Business** or MGT 722 Business Ethics and Social Institutions*

*Offered each semester
**Offered once each year
***Offered every other year

NOTE: Students are responsible to verify prerequisite requirements for the courses they select.