MBA/MA Latin American Studies

SDSU's College of Business Administration and Center for Latin American Studies offer a three-year concurrent program of study leading to a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MBA/MA LAS). The objective of the concurrent program is to offer preparation in the fields of business administration and Latin American studies for the purpose of providing the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and engage in business relationships with the Latin American community in Latin America or in the United States.

Students in the MBA/MA LAS program follow the curriculum outlined below:

Core Courses (21 units):
BA 623 Statistical Analysis
BA 624 Organizational Behavior and Leadership
BA 625 Financial and Management Accounting
BA 626 Business Economics
BA 627 Marketing
BA 628 Operations and Supply Chain Management
BA 629 Financial Management

Strategy Course (3 units):
BA 630 Business Strategy

Business Courses (15 units):
FIN 654 Seminar in International Bus. Finance
MGT 710 Seminar in World Bus. Environment
MGT 723 Seminar in International Strategic Mgmt.
MGT 731 Seminar in Strategic Mgmt. of Tech.
MKTG 769 Seminar in International Marketing

Courses with Latin American Content (24 units):
LATAM 600 - Introduction to Latin American Studies
LATAM 601 - Sem. on Methodology of LA Studies

MGT 798 Special Study (3 units)
BA 799A - Thesis (3 units)

2017 Tuition
California resident: Full-time: $36,480
Non-resident: Full-time: $62,148