MBA in Information Systems Specialization at SDSU

MBA in Information Systems Specialization at SDSU

MBA: Information Systems Specialization


The MBA in Information Systems specialization provides students with an academic curriculum focused on creating value with information. An information system (IS) is a reliably, repeatable way to create value with information. In times past, organizations used IS to boost their productivity. In today’s knowledge economy, the information system is the business. This specialization prepares a leader to understand and improve an organization’s ability to protect and to optimize the return on its intellectual capital. It will examine how an organization can use its information and information systems to enhance its offerings and to gain sustainable strategic advantages.

MBA Course Requirements

The MBA requires a  program of study that consists of 4 major components – a core of basic business courses, a class in business strategy, electives, and a culminating experience course. For additional course information please refer to the MBA Curriculum page.

MBA in Information Systems Specialization Course Description

The Information Systems specialization is a total of 12 units, as follows:

Choose ONE of the following courses (3 units)

MIS 688 – Information Systems in Organizations***
MIS 691 – Decision Support Systems**

Choose at least THREE of the following courses (9 units)

MIS 620– E-Business Infrastructure** MIS 705 – Communication Strategies**
MIS 686 – Enterprise Database Management** MIS 749 – Business Analytics**
MIS 687 – Business Data Communication** MIS 750 – Strategic Project Management**
MIS 688 – Information Systems and strategies in Organizations*** MIS 752 – Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning**
MIS 691 – Decision Support Systems** MIS 753 – Global Supply Chain Management**
MIS 695 – Information Systems Development** MIS 755 – Information Systems Security Management**
MIS 697 – Project Planning and Development**  

**Offered once each year
***Offered every other year

NOTE: Students are responsible to verify prerequisite requirements for the courses they select.