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Health Services

Master of Business Administration: Health Services Specialization

This information is intended for prospective students or those who entered the MBA program in Fall 2014 or later.
Students admitted to the MBA program in the Fall of 2013 or earlier should refer to the information contained in the Health Services POS Worksheet instead of this page.


The Masters of Business Administration Specialization in Health Services Administration is designed to give students the opportunity to integrate the knowledge they gain in earning their MBA with 12 units of coursework in Public Health. This knowledge helps to prepare students to work in various administration positions within the healthcare field.

MBA Course Requirements

For general MBA program requirements please refer to the Official Program of Study for the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Heath Services Administration Specialization Description

Health Services Specialization (12 units): take ONE of the required courses and choose THREE additional courses as listed below.

Specialization Electives

The following course is REQUIRED:

  • PH 641 – Introduction to Health Services (offered in the Fall)**

If it is not possible to take this course, you may take the following course in its place:

  • PH 605 – Health Services Administration*

Choose THREE of the following courses:

  • PH 742B – Health Insurance and Financing Systems**
  • PH 743 – Hospital and Ambulatory Systems Management**
  • PH 748 – Health Services Competitive Strategy and Marketing**

*Offered each semester
**Offered once each year
***Offered every other year

MIS 688 (Information Systems & Strategies in Orgs) is a recommended elective for all MBA students. This class does not count toward the Health Services Administration specialization, but will count towards the remaining electives students need to complete.