MBA in Finance at SDSU

MBA in Finance at SDSU

MBA: Finance Specialization


The MBA in Finance Specialization provides students with an academic curriculum that focuses on four career tracts: Financial Management, Investment Management, Financial Institutions Management, and Wealth Management.

MBA Course Requirements

The MBA requires a  program of study that consists of 4 major components – a core of basic business courses, a class in business strategy, electives, and a culminating experience course. No more than 6 units (2 classes) of 500 level coursework is allowed to count twoards degree. For additional course information please refer to the MBA Curriculum page. 

MBA Finance Specialization Description

Choose FOUR finance electives; career track recommendations are below.

Finance Specialization Electives

FIN 522 – Individual Insurance Management* FIN 652 – Seminar in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management**
FIN 585 – Estate Planning Issues and Practice** FIN 653 – Case Studies in Financial Management**
FIN 589 – Personal Financial Planning* FIN 654 – Seminar in International Business Finance** (Summer)
FIN 590 – Personal Financial Planning Practicum** FIN 659 – Decision Making in the World Economy**
FIN 617 – Financial Management II** ACCTG 620 – Financial Measurement and Reporting*
FIN 641 – Financing the Emerging Enterprise** ACCTG 663 – Financial Statement Analysis*
FIN 651 – Seminar in Investments**  

Career Track Course Recommendations

Financial Management Investment Management Financial Institutions Management Wealth Management
FIN 617** FIN 651** FIN 617** FIN 522*
FIN 641** FIN 652** FIN 651** FIN 585**
FIN 651** FIN 654** FIN 654** FIN 589*
FIN 653** FIN 659** FIN 659** FIN 590**
FIN 654** ACCTG 663* ACCTG 663* FIN 651**
FIN 659**     FIN 652**
ACCTG 620*      
ACCTG 663*      

*Offered each semester
**Offered once each year

NOTE: Students are responsible to verify prerequisite requirements for the courses they select.