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MBA in Accounting at SDSU

MBA: Accounting Specialization


The MBA with a specialization in Accounting provides students with an academic curriculum that prepares them for career opportunities that require a broad understanding of financial statements and the use of accounting information for decision-making.

MBA Course Requirements

The MBA requires a  program of study that consists of 4 major components – a core of basic business courses, a class in business strategy, electives, and a culminating experience course. For additional course information please refer to the MBA Curriculum page. 

Specialization Courses

MBA Accounting Specialization courses (12 units): Choose FOUR courses. Recommended courses differ between students with or without an accounting undergraduate degree. To assist with course planning for the Accounting Specialization, students should contact Professor Victoria Krivogorsky ( before taking any accounting courses.

Specialization Electives

Students with an undergraduate degree in accounting (select four courses) Students without an undergraduate degree in accounting (select four courses)
ACCTG 630 – Ethics in Accounting* ACCTG 620 – Financial Measurement and Reporting*
ACCTG 650 – Tax Research and Practice** ACCTG 621 – Accounting Information Systems*
ACCTG 651 – Seminar in Corporate Tax** ACCTG 624 – Tax for Managers**
ACCTG 654 – Seminar in Partnership Taxation** ACCTG 625 – Managerial Analysis and Financial Reporting**
ACCTG 655 – Tax Planning for Individuals** ACCTG 626 – Auditing and Assurance Services*
ACCTG 656 – California and Multistate Taxation** ACCTG 630 – Ethics in Accounting*
ACCTG 657 – Accounting for Income Taxes** ACCTG 663 – Financial Statement Analysis*
ACCTG 659 – Seminar in Taxation Topics**  
ACCTG 663 – Financial Statement Analysis*  
ACCTG 670 – Seminar in Assurance Services**  
ACCTG 673 – AIS Development*  
ACCTG 675 – Seminar in AIS Audit and Control**  
ACCTG 729 – Forensic Accounting**  
*Offered each semester
**Offered once each year
***Offered every other year

MIS 688 (Information Systems & Strategies in Orgs) is a recommended elective for all MBA students. This class does not count toward the MBA in Accounting specialization, but will count towards the remaining electives students need to complete.

This information is intended for prospective students or those who entered the MBA in Accounting specilization program in Fall 2014 or later.  Students admitted to the MBA program in the Fall of 2013 or earlier should refer to the information contained in the Accounting POS Worksheet instead of this page