Yes. Flexibility is the key to our program. You will switch advisors, as each advisor has responsibility for a separate specialization. However, your new advisor will work with you to ease the transition.
The college may wave the core classes for students coming into the program with an undergraduate accounting background. Students may have the Administrative Advisor in the graduate office approve the waiver of particular courses (upon admittance to the program).
No. You may work on the core business classes as your progress through the program. However, all course-specific prerequisites must be completed prior to enrolling in a course. You must complete BA 650 (or Acct 201 equivalent) prior to attempting Acctg 620 and both BA 650 and BA 660 (Acct 201 and 202 or equivalent) prior to attempting Acctg 625. Refer to the Graduate Bulletin for course prerequisites.
No more than 9 units of graduate level courses taken at SDSU through Open University may count towards the MSA degree program. Please see your advisor for clarification and approval.
Acctg 624 is required unless you have completed an equivalent undergraduate introductory tax course. Please see your advisor to determine possible tax courses to meet you individual needs.
LING 505 Writing for Graduate Students (recommended for those with English as a Second Language), RWS 503W (Technical Writing), MIS 705 (Communications Strategies), LING 253 or RWS 253 can be used to fulfill writing prerequisite.