Professor Paula Peter's Advanced IMC class recently developed IMC plans for a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations including ControlTec, The San Diego Opera, Stayteen Organization, Aztecnology, Sage, Sugarmamma Caramels and Als San Diego. The development of the plans is part of the course requirements for the capstone course in Integrated Marketing Communications.

Important: Marketing Majors & IMC Specializations course sequencing requirements are strictly enforced. Download sequencing (Word doc).

What is IMC?

Integrated Marketing Communications involves the coordination of various promotional elements and other marketing activities that communicate with a firm's customers. IMC focuses on the synergistic role of advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing, internet and interactive marketing, public relations, and personal selling in the communications program.


Internships build a bridge between industry and students. With these programs students are able to cross over from academics into the business world and work alongside professionals whose work corresponds to their areas of study. Students gain valuable real-world experience, make professional contacts, and strengthen their resumes.

Businesses have the opportunity to interact with students who have been trained to communicate with consumers through the coordination of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, interactive/Internet marketing, sales promotion, and personal selling in a fully integrated manner.

Student interests are matched with organizational needs to maximize knowledge growth and career placement in the area of Integrated Marketing Communications.

IMC Specialization

Specialization in IMC

The Department of Marketing at San Diego State University offers a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). This specialization will allow students interested in careers in advertising, promotions, communications, public relations, and related areas the opportunity to take courses more geared toward these vocations.

Is it a special degree?

A specialization in IMC leads to a BS degree in marketing. The specialization is not indicated on the diploma. The difference between the specialization in IMC and the regular Marketing degree is in the courses that one takes. Specified courses in the School of Journalism & Media Studies can be used to fulfill elective requirements.

Who should specialize in IMC?

Students interested in a career in advertising or public relations in an agency or organization, media sales, or other communications related industry, may wish to consider the specialization.

Important: Marketing majors & IMC specializations course sequencing requirements are strictly enforced. Download sequencing (Word doc).

Required Courses

  • BA 323 Fundamentals of Finance
  • BA 350 Management & Organizational Behavior
  • BA 360 Intro to Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • BA 370 Marketing
  • BA 405 International Business Strategy & Integration OR
  • BA 404 Small Business Consulting
  • MIS 301 Statistical Analysis for Business
  • MKT 371 Consumer & Buyer Behavior
  • MKT 373 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKT 470 Marketing Research
  • MKT 472 Advanced Integrated Marketing Communications

Approved electives have been adjusted to reflect the new prefixes for Journalism and Media Studies:

Any 4 of the following:

  • JMS 440: Management of Media Organizations (formerly COMM 440)
  • JMS 460: Principles of Advertising (formerly COMM 460)
  • JMS 480: Principles of Public Relations (formerly COMM 480)
  • JMS 560: Advertising Research (JMS 460; other prerequisites waived)
  • JMS 565: Advertising Campaigns (No pre-registration possible; add during class period)
  • MKT 476: Internet/Interactve Marketing (BA 370 with a C)

And, there are several new courses you may petition to use in your program as electives:

File a RAAR with Marketing to use any of these as an elective.

  • JMS 574: International Advertising
  • JMS 596: Selected Topics
  • PSY 340: Social Psychology
  • PSY 380: Cognitive Psychology
  • SOC 335: Mass Communication & Popular Culture