Other Requirements

Seminar Requirements

Each student must enroll in a one unit seminar (BA 400) during the semester. Seminars are held on five scheduled Thursdays from 4:15-5:45 pm during the semester. Before enrolling, students need to get an access code directly from the director.

Semester GPA Requirements

To maintain good standing a 3.0 is required in each semester of upper division. Students who do not receive a 3.0 will be placed on probation and given the opportunity to improve their GPA during the following semester. Students on probation forego the book scholarship.

Scholarship Restrictions

Students must be enrolled in 12 units of coursework for the full $100 book scholarship. If taking 9-11 units, the amount is $75. If taking 6-8 units, the amount is $50. The scholarship paperwork is not processed until after the campus drop/add date for the semester. Students must be current in seminar coursework by the date indicated in the syllabus. In certain cases, it will need to be coordinated with other financial aid awards. Students on probation forego the $100 book scholarship.

Coordination with the University Honors Program

  • Students who enter the University Honors program as a freshman in Fall 2003 are allowed to coordinate the University Program requirements with the College of Business Program requirements. Completion of the Business Honors Seminars and a Portfolio can be used to meet the university requirement to register for and complete a Senior Honors Thesis.
  • Students under the old University Honors program may apply the 3 units of business honors seminar to meet the 24 units of required honors courses.