SDSU College of Business Toastmasters Program

Student Testimonials

Jordan HarrisonThe Toastmasters program at San Diego State brought together students to become better in our public speaking and personal development. I personally feel as though my thinking on the spot from table topics made me better. I also have been able to use the fact that I have been trained through Toastmasters in interview for post-graduation work. Due to the table topics and speeches I go into interviews and speeches more prepared and much calmer, slightly excited. I also understand what makes an overall speech effective by the time spent in being an evaluator. Overall toastmaster gave me a well-rounded experience in being a speaker, active audience member, and how to leave a lasting impact with words.

Jordan Harrison – Best Speaker SP13

Roberto RosasI've been able to take the lessons I learned and use them in my daily life to better express myself, give presentations in class, and concisely convey relevant messages. This program has allowed me to further understand the importance of words, brevity, clarity, and timing. I consider myself very fortunate for having learned significant lessons from the Toastmasters program.

Roberto Rosas – Best Speaker FA13

The Toastmasters program forced me to face myself and just speak. It also helped me to realize that you don't die from public speaking and to interact with your audience.

- Carolina Macias

I was able to use toastmasters as a topic during my job interviews. It showed the employers I was constantly trying to improve myself for the business world and was a tangible thing to prove it. It helped me get the job too.

-  Marshall Conrad

In the semester following Toastmasters, I have presented to the San Diego Unified School Board (over 100 in attendance), spoke at a town hall meeting with over 300 attendees and been interviewed by UT TV. My experience with Toastmasters allowed me to be relaxed and effective at each of these presentations. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

- Julee Jenkins

I felt extremely prepared for multiple job interviews after going through this course. Toastmasters taught me to think on my feet and be creative yet calm in my execution. I would highly recommend this to any and all students who want to be able to present themselves in a more professional way and feel more comfortable and confident when speaking in a job interview or a room full of people.

- Kelly Lindley

Thank you to all of the Toastmasters who have helped us gain confidence in our speaking skills. Clear communication is the foundation for successful businesses and relationships, and fear is the greatest obstacle in achieving goals. The Toastmasters program has created a safe, positive, and welcoming environment that fosters personal growth. I am truly grateful that I was able to participate.

- Veronica Von Borstel