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This year's Business Fund: Student Success  
The Fowler College of Business Student Success fund provides support for student activities, helping SDSU students succeed both locally and globally through scholarships, internships, competitions, guest lectures, community engagement programs and more. A generous donation may give students the chance to move forward in a nation-wide business challenge, with a startup venture, or any number of opportunities. Your gift offers many possibilities for creative minds to excel in SDSU’s Fowler College of Business. 
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+$5 will receive an SDSU phone wallet
+ $20 will receive a SDSU FOWLER License plate

Lance Nail - Dean Fowler College of Business SDSUMessage from Dean Lance Nail
We in the Fowler College are proud of the efficiency and austerity we utilize in our budgeting.  We maximize the impact of our resources just as we train our students in the business curriculum.  But our students deserve more than efficiency in budgeting diminishing state funding - they deserve excellence.  The Great Give is a chance for you to help us provide that excellence for our students.

This year's fundraising objective is entitled, Student Success. The funds raised during this campaign will go directly to support the success of our students in their studies and their development as professionals and positively impactful members of society.  Your gift will provide scholarships to worthy students who would not graduate without your assistance.  Your gift will also allow us to offer support services to all of our students to guide them through graduation and into the start of their professional career.  Your gift will help all students in the Fowler College of Business - those with financial need and those simply needing proper guidance.  And we hope that you will see the impact of your gift through updates that we send out in our quarterly newsletter. Thanks to you and all our donor support, we will continue to provide a first class education to our students, advance business, and support our community. 

All donation sizes are welcome. Even a gift of a $1 makes a difference!  We appreciate broad levels of alumni support at any level.  It is a source of pride to say that a large number of our alumni support our mission.  We also hope that you will show your pride in being a graduate of the Fowler College of Business.  To show that pride, donations of $5 will receive a Fowler Phone Wallet and those of $20 or more will receive an SDSU FOWLER metal license plate. We hope that you will take pride in supporting your college and show that pride with our small tokens of appreciation.  Just think, if each of our 60,000+ Business Alumni gave $20, we could raise over $1,200,000 each year that could fund over 150 full tuition scholarships for exceptional students. 

Thank you for helping us make a positive difference in the lives of our students!