The Fowler Scholars Program: An Investment in Positive Impact Through Ethical Leadership

The Fowler Scholars Program will be structured to educate and prepare a select group of students for accelerated and lasting leadership roles in global business and society. Student development will be based upon proven best practices in curricular and extracurricular programming. Students will be selected holistically on a variety of characteristics – academic ability, demonstrated leadership, ethical conduct, collaborative nature, etc. This is a leadership program – not an honors program. We want to take the complete student who has the potential to positively impact business and society due to their ethical grounding and well-rounded nature and develop their skills under the direction of top faculty and professional mentors so that their impact will be maximized and potential realized early. The components of the programming are described in the following pages.

About The Fowler Scholars Program

The Fowler Scholars Program is a unique co-curricular initiative within San Diego State University’s Fowler College of Business, designed to cultivate ethical leaders who will positively impact business and society. The Fowler College of Business proudly announced its inaugural class of Fowler Scholars for the fall 2018 semester.



Davis BoringDavis Boring

Class of 2022
Major: Finance

Davis Boring is a freshman in SDSU’s Fowler College of Business, majoring in Finance. Davis hopes is to find a career that combines his passions for business, entrepreneurship, and ingenuity, with a sense of purpose and serving others. He hopes to be in the position to give back to my community and SDSU later in my professional life. Davis was a member of an award winning high school marching band as the Lead Drum Major and Clarinet Section Leader. He recently completed his second summer internship at San Diego Composites, an Aerospace Engineering Company. Davis was a volunteer at the Community Council for Music in the Schools, a not-for profit organization that collects and repairs donated instruments and issues over 2,000 instruments to students in the San Diego Unified School District. Davis gets inspiration from leaders that “dream big and do not let any obstacle seem unsurmountable.”

Lando DelgadilloLandon Delgadillo

Class of 2022
Major: Accounting

Landon Delgadillo is a freshman in SDSU’s Fowler College of Business, majoring in Accounting. Landon describes himself as ‘driven’ and aspires to work for an international investment firm. He competed on the Helix Charter High School swim team and enjoys running in his free time. Landon shared that his late Mother is his biggest inspiration because “she taught me that true strength is from within and life is not always fair, but to try your best to enjoy every day” Landon is fluent in Spanish…and can solve a Rubik’s Cube!

Faith GohFaith Goh

Class of 2022
Major: Accounting

Faith Goh is a freshman at in SDSU’s Fowler College of Business, majoring in Accounting. After graduation, Faith “hopes to have a positive impact on the community that has given her so much.” In high school Faith was involved in Music with Motion, a tutoring club that taught music to children at a local middle school. Faith also was student president of her high school. Faith is an accomplished musician who performed piano at state conventions, recitals, and competitions over the past 10 years. Faith gets great inspiration from her grandparents. They arrived as refugees in Malaysia with no possessions, and worked hard in plantations to earn money and build their own life in Singapore. They had no education, but managed to open their own clothing business and send both of their sons to study in England. They began with nothing, but ended with everything, and their story makes me realize that perseverance can lead to great things.

Rachel MagersRachel Magers

Class of 2022
Major: Management

Rachel Magers is a Freshman at SDSU’s Fowler College of Business majoring in Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship; with a double major in Spanish. Rachel is planning to get involved with Associated Student as early as her freshman year. One day Rachel hopes to own her own business. Rachel’s favorite things at SDSU are its supportive community and beautiful campus. Rachel’s Parents are the source of her greatest inspiration: “They're supportive and caring people who have worked hard for everything they have and I hope to carry on those qualities throughout my life.”


Edward HolzmanEdward Holzman

Class of 2020
Major: Management

Eddie Holzman is a junior in SDSU's Fowler College of Business majoring in Management. Eddie transferred from Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA to SDSU in Fall 2018. Eddie plans on getting involved in the medical technology industry after graduation looking to work in medical device sales. What inspires Eddie is, "The hope of bringing all I have to offer to improving the human condition and the knowledge I learn in the Fowler Scholar's Program will be applied to enhancing the decisions I make in the business world in advancing ethical business leadership."

Joyce MattinglyJoyce Mattingly

Class of 2019
Major: Accounting

Joyce is a 5th Year SDSU Master Candidate (2019) in Accounting and a member of Beta Alpha Psi - Honors Accounting Organization. After graduation (May 2019) Joyce plans on working in the assurance department at E-Y (a Big 4 Accounting Firm). Joyce’s ‘obsession’ is traveling! She has been to a number of different countries over the past 2 years (in Europe, Asia, & South America) has also traveled a lot within the US. Joyce’s study abroad program was in Prague, Czech Republic where she was able to improve her negotiating skills in an international setting. Her dreams of foreign exploration will continue when she joins her husband in May, in Guam! Joyce’s biggest inspiration at SDSU is Professor Machado(Accounting) “because he has taught me the importance of overcoming obstacles and working towards your goals.”

Christian OnwukaChristian Onwuka

Class of 2019
Major: Finance

Christian Onwuka is a senior in SDSU’s Fowler School Of Business studying Finance, and currently serves as Associated Students VP of Financial Affairs. He has been in leadership roles with SDSU student organizations including Black Business Society, Fowler College of Business Council, and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. He previously served as Vice Chair, of the Associated Students Financial Affair Committee. Christian’s leadership mission is to ensure students enjoy their college experience, reach their maximum potential through various opportunities, and graduate a proud alum of SDSU.

Anya ShutovskaAnya Shutovska

Class of 2019
Major: Business

Anya Shutovska is a senior at Fowler College of Business majoring in Management. Anya has been very involved as a student leader at SDSU in organizations including Associated Students/Chief of Staff, Rotaract, Mortar Board, EOP. She is currently an intern at Solar Turbines in Talent & Organizational Development. Anya is very proud to see SDSU alumni getting involved in helping current students get internships and jobs and their involvement in programs like the Aztec Mentor Program. Anya plans to continue that tradition and make it even stronger in the future. Anya’s biggest inspiration is her Mother. “ When I was 5 years old, she left behind everything she knew to immigrate from Ukraine to the United States so that I could have a better life. Growing up, I watched her learn a new language, struggle to provide for me as a single parent, and miss our family 6,000 miles away. Her persistence through all of the challenges that come with moving to a foreign country have made me a proud first-generation college student and has taught me to be relentless in the pursuit of my goals and be grateful for everything life gives us. Everything that I do, I do it for her.”


About the Program Director 

Peter Shaw Director, Fowler Scholars Program

Peter Shaw

Executive in Residence | Director, Fowler Scholars Program
Office: SSE 3225 | Email: [email protected]

Peter Shaw is the Fowler College of Business’ Executive in Residence (EIR) and Director of the Fowler Scholar’s Program (FSP). He also serves as a professional mentor to students across campus (Aztec Mentor Program) and business advisor/mentor to students at the Zahn Innovation Platform (ZIP) incubator. He participates in other FCB programs including the FCB Business Forum.

As Director of FSP, Mr. Shaw leads a freshman cohort of specially selected freshmen students, as well as upper classmen who serve a peer mentors. Mr. Shaw coordinates program activities based on his 30+ years of domestic and international business leadership and institutional investor experience.  Mr Shaw also coordinates Fowler Scholars  annual study abroad programs, supervises mentorships and internships, arranges for guest speakers, and coordinates academic and professional activities with faculty and business leaders. 

AS FCB’s EIR, Mr. Shaw participates in programs that help link the Fow;ler College of Business to the local business community by providing the necessary experience to guide the college's students and faculty to those resources that connect classroom lessons and real-world business practices. As a (former) CEO and serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and business executive, Mr. Shaw provides real-world advice to SDSU's business students.  

Mr. Shaw is a former Chairman of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center and currently is an active Director on the Fowler College of Business’ Advisory Board.  In 2017, he and his wife donated a major art collection to the FCB. The Shaw’s also support an endowed FCB Student Scholarship.

In 2015, Mr. Shaw led a student study abroad group to Israel where they focused on International Entrepreneurship in the “Start-up Nation.”.

Currently Mr. Shaw serves on a number of for profit and nonprofit boards in both the US and Israel. He is the Executive Chairman of Eden Shield, an early stage Agtech company whose mission is to help farmers significantly lesson their dependence on harmful pesticides by substituting these problematic chemicals with Eden Shield’s proprietary, plant based, safe, organic extracts.

Mr. Shaw received his Bachelors in Engineering (EE) from the City College of New York and his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut.

For more information, please contact:

Kristie Dock | Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Office: EBA 448 | Email: [email protected] | 619-594-6760