Petition Process

The Business Advising Center recommends that you use SDSU's Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP), which is the website that will let you see if the courses you have completed (or wish to take) are equivalent and will clear SDSU's preparation for the business major courses. If your courses are listed as "transferable, no equivalent" or are not listed on TAP, then once you are an admitted student, you will need to petition the department to review your preparation for the major courses in order to find out if they are equivalent to SDSU's courses in order to declare.

Petitioning requires you to turn in the following to the Department that teaches the course:

  1. The course description
  2. Syllabus with a topical outline (class schedule)*
    * Please note that the syllabus with topical outline (class schedule) MUST be:
    1. For the semester in which you took the course
    2. From the professor with which you took the course

It is recommended that you contact the school at which you took (or are planning to take) the course to get the syllabus. Typically, you can find the course description in the syllabus or the general catalog. Below are two examples of a topical outline.

The entire petition process takes 8-10 weeks; however, the approval of the petition is typically processed in a week. It is recommended that newly admitted students start the petition process as soon as they are accepted. Continuing students are advised to petition courses prior to taking courses at a different institution to make sure the course will be used to clear SDSU's requirement. Please note that current students that are studying abroad will need to meet with the Study Abroad Director to get courses approved prior to leaving. Contact the Business Advising Center for more information (EBA-448, (619) 594-5828).

Below are links to the descriptors for each of SDSUs preparation for the business major courses:

Departments that Teach Business Courses