Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw

Executive in Residence

Office: SSE-3225
Mail Code: 8230
Phone: 619-594-3416
Email: [email protected]

AS FCB’s EIR, Mr. Shaw participates in programs that help link the Fowler College of Business to the local business community by providing the necessary experience to guide the college's students and faculty to those resources that connect classroom lessons and real-world business practices. As a (former) CEO and serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and business executive, Mr. Shaw provides real-world advice to SDSU's business students.  

Mr. Shaw is a former Chairman of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center and currently is an active Director on the Fowler College of Business’ Advisory Board.  In 2017, he and his wife donated a major art collection to the FCB. The Shaw’s also support an endowed FCB Student Scholarship.

In 2015, Mr. Shaw led a student study abroad group to Israel where they focused on International Entrepreneurship in the “Start-up Nation.”.

Currently Mr. Shaw serves on a number of for profit and nonprofit boards in both the US and Israel. He is the Executive Chairman of Eden Shield, an early stage Agtech company whose mission is to help farmers significantly lesson their dependence on harmful pesticides by substituting these problematic chemicals with Eden Shield’s proprietary, plant based, safe, organic extracts.

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