Management Department Faculty

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Mujtaba Ahsan Mujtaba Ahsan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship SSE-3300 619-594-3260 [email protected]
Steven Ashworth Lecturer EBA-337F 619-594-0953 [email protected]
Naida Austin Lecturer EBA-337B 619-594-0937 [email protected]
Susan Baer Lecturer EBA-337B 619-594-0937 [email protected]
Jeremy Bernerth Associate Professor SSE-3412 619-594-0208 [email protected]
Amanda Bryant Lecturer SSE-3356 619-594-8599 [email protected]
Daniel Del Castillo Lecturer EBA-337A 619-594-0509 [email protected]
Dwarka Chakravarty, Ph.D. Assistant Professor SSE-3369 619-594-1914 [email protected]
Alex DeNoble Alex DeNoble, Ph.D Professor/Director of Lavin Entrepreneurship Center GC-1502 619-594-4890 [email protected]
Frank Dowse Lecturer EBA-323 619-594-0956 [email protected]
Dan Eaton Daniel E Eaton Lecturer EBA-337F 619-594-0953 [email protected]
Vince Ferraro with garden behind Vince Ferraro Lecturer EBA-337B 619-594-0956 [email protected]
Tanya Hertz Tanya Hertz Lecturer EBA-323 619-594-0956 [email protected]
Vince Johnson Lecturer SSE-3312 619-594-2327 [email protected]
Eva Nicasio-Mercier Eva Nicasio-Mercier Lecturer EBA-337A 619-594-0509 [email protected]
Wendy Patrick Wendy L Patrick, Ph.D. Lecturer EBA-323 619-594-0956 [email protected]
Amy Randel Amy E. Randel, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3414 619-594-6618 [email protected]
Blue Robbins Blue S Robbins, Ed.D. Lecturer EBA-323 619-594-0956 [email protected]
William Sannwald William Sannwald, M.B.A. Lecturer SSE-3409 619-594-3012 [email protected]
Taekjin Shin Taekjin Shin, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3365 619-594-1913 [email protected]
Chamu Sundaramurthy Chamu Sundaramurthy, Ph.D. Department Chair/Professor SSE-3310 619-594-4845 [email protected]
Suzanne Zoumaras Lecturer EBA-337B 619-594-0937 [email protected]

Building Abbreviations Used in this Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
EBA Education and Business Administration
GC Gateway Center
SSE Student Services East