Image Name Department Title Office Phone Email
Mujtaba Ahsan Mujtaba Ahsan Management Assistant Professor SSE-3300 (619) 594-3260 mahsan@mail.sdsu.edu
Valerie Alexandra Valerie Alexandra Management Assistant Professor SSE-3363 (619) 594-0831 valexandra@mail.sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Steven Ashworth Steven Ashworth Management Lecturer EBA-337F (619) 594-0953 SAshworth@semprautilities.com
Placeholder, picture not available for Jeremy Bernerth Jeremy Bernerth Management Associate Professor SSE-3412 (619) 594-0208 jbernerth@mail.sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Frank Caperino Frank Caperino Management Lecturer EBA-337F (619) 594-0953 fcaperino@mail.sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Tina Chen Tina Chen Management Lecturer EBA-337B (619) 594-0956 tina.chen@sdsu.edu
Beth G. Chung, Ph.D. Beth G. Chung, Ph.D. Management Professor SSE-3408 (619) 594-2699 Beth.Chung@sdsu.edu
Michelle Dean, Ph.D. Michelle Dean, Ph.D. Management Associate Professor SSE-3441 (619) 594-6839 Michelle.Dean@sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Daniel Del Castillo Daniel Del Castillo Management Lecturer EBA-337A (619) 594-0509 ddelcastillo@mail.sdsu.edu
Alex F. DeNoble, Ph.D. Alex F. DeNoble, Ph.D. Management Professor/Director of Lavin Entrepreneurship Center GC-1502 (619) 594-4890 adenoble@mail.sdsu.edu
Whitney Douglas Fernandez Whitney Douglas Fernandez Management Assistant Professor SSE-3411 (619) 594-3261 wfernandez@mail.sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Frank Dowse Frank Dowse Management Lecturer EBA-323 (619) 594-0956 fdowse@sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Crystal Dujowich Crystal Miller Management Lecturer SSE-3312 (619) 594-2327  
Dan Eaton Dan Eaton Management Lecturer EBA-337F (619) 594-0953 eaton@scmv.com
Placeholder, picture not available for Vince Ferraro Vince Ferraro Management Lecturer EBA-337B (619) 594-0956 vferraro@sdsu.edu
John Francis, Ph.D. John Francis, Ph.D. Management Associate Professor SSE-3312 (619) 594-5339 John.Francis@sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Scott Grant Scott Grant Management Lecturer SSE-3312 (619) 594-2327 srgrant@mail.sdsu.edu
Tita Gray Tita Gray Management Assistant Dean for Student Affairs EBA-448H (619) 594-5828 tgray@mail.sdsu.edu
Tanya Hertz Tanya Hertz Management Lecturer EBA-323 (619) 594-0956 thertz@mail.sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Vince Johnson Vince Johnson Management Lecturer SSE-3312 (619) 594-2327 vjohnson@sdsu.edu
Kimberly Davis King Kimberly Davis King Management Lecturer EBA-337A (619) 594-0509 kking@mail.sdsu.edu
Martina Musteen, Ph.D. Martina Musteen, Ph.D. Management Professor SSE-3302 (619) 594-8346 mmusteen@mail.sdsu.edu
Eva Nicasio-Mercier Eva Nicasio-Mercier Management Lecturer EBA-337A (619) 594-0509 enicasio@mail.sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Alan Omens Alan Omens Management Lecturer EBA-337F (619) 594-0953 aomens@csusm.edu
Wendy L Patrick, Ph.D. Wendy L Patrick, Ph.D. Management Lecturer EBA-323 (619) 594-0956 wendypatrickphd@icloud.com
Placeholder, picture not available for Kathy Pennington Kathy Pennington Management Lecturer EBA-337F (619) 594-0953 kpennington@mail.sdsu.edu
Amy E. Randel, Ph.D. Amy E. Randel, Ph.D. Management Professor SSE-3414 (619) 594-6618 arandel@mail.sdsu.edu
Lawrence C. Rhyne, Ph.D. Lawrence C. Rhyne, Ph.D. Management Professor/Chair SSE-3429 (619) 594-5905 lrhyne@mail.sdsu.edu
Dr. Blue Robbins Dr. Blue Robbins Management Lecturer EBA-323 (619) 594-0956 bluerobbins21@gmail.com
Lori Verstegen Ryan, Ph.D. Lori Verstegen Ryan, Ph.D. Management Professor/Director, Corporate Governance Institute SSE-3437 (619) 594-5314 Lori.Ryan@sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Kathy Salehizadeh Kathy Salehizadeh Management Lecturer SSE-3312 (619) 594-2327 ksalehizadeh@sdsu.edu
William Sannwald William Sannwald Management Lecturer SSE-3409 (619) 594-3012 sannwald@mail.sdsu.edu
Bernhard Schroeder Bernhard Schroeder Management Lecturer GC-1502 (619) 594-0560 bschroeder@emc.sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Robert Schulte Robert Schulte Management Lecturer EBA-323 (619) 594-0956  
Taekjin Shin Taekjin Shin Management Assistant Professor SSE-3365 (619) 594-1913 tshin@mail.sdsu.edu
Michael L. Sloan Michael L. Sloan Management Lecturer SSE-3409 (619) 594-3012 msloan@mail.sdsu.edu
Chamu Sundaramurthy, Ph.D. Chamu Sundaramurthy, Ph.D. Management Professor SSE-3310 (619) 594-4845 csundara@mail.sdsu.edu
Placeholder, picture not available for Kathryn Turner-Arsenault Kathryn Turner-Arsenault Management Lecturer EBA-337F (619) 594-0953 karsenault@mail.sdsu.edu
Congcong Zheng, Ph.D. Congcong Zheng, Ph.D. Management Associate Professor SSE-3431 (619) 594-3833 czheng@mail.sdsu.edu

Building abbreviations used in the Faculty Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
EBA Education & Business Administration
GC Gateway Center
NH Nasatir Hall
SSE Student Services East