Fowler College of Business in Local and National Press

2012-07-13 San Diego Union-Tribune UCAN boss prepared an out, had side business
2012-07-13 How to Sell Your Business for Top Dollar
2012-07-13 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeterists Take Pulse of Economy at Midyear
2012-07-11 KSWB – San Diego On the Money - Dr. Dan Seiver on Taxes and Economic Policy (video clip)
2012-07-11 KNSD – San Diego Comic-Con Brings in the Big Bucks to San Diego (video clip)
2012-07-11 Forbes City of Oakland Taps Occupy Wall Street to Take On Goldman Sachs
2012-07-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Pressure Test Failures at San Onofre Confined to One Generator
2012-07-10 Starting a Business with a Friend? Here's How to Remain Friends
2012-07-09 San Diego Business Journal VC Firm Uses Predictive Analytics to Get the Edge
2012-07-09 San Diego Business Journal Firm Translates Data into Easily Accessed Experiences
2012-07-09 San Diego Business Journal Distressed Properties Draw Cash Players
2012-07-07 North County Times HOUSING: Lawsuit from 4S Ranch Association Could Stifle Condo Prices There
2012-07-07 San Diego Union-Tribune Will Companies Drop Health Coverage in Wake of Court Ruling?
2012-07-06 San Diego Union-Tribune SD Experts Weigh-in on June Unemployment
2012-07-06 Washington Post U.S. added 80,000 Jobs in June as Economy Struggles
2012-07-06 Why are we surprised by Bad Job Numbers?
2012-07-05 Washington Examiner Europe's Turmoil Helps Keep U.S. Mortgage Rates Low - For Now
2012-07-04 Associated Press Could Economics Doom Ailing Calif. Nuke Plant?
2012-07-03 KPBS – San Diego Old School Sales at The San Diego County Fair
2012-06-30 Financial Express Global Banking Scenario Not a Smooth One
2012-06-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Are We on Cusp of a Housing Recovery?
2012-06-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Will AZ Immigrant Ruling Give SD Economic Boost?
2012-06-29 KOGO – San Diego Supreme Court Rules on Health Care Law (audio clip) (no longer available)
2012-06-28 Los Angeles Times Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling Might Provide Clarity for Businesses
2012-06-28 KSWB – San Diego Health Care Decision (video clip)
2012-06-26 InformationWeek Mac Users See Pricier Rooms at Orbitz
2012-06-26 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Housing Market Showing Improvement
2012-06-26 Financial Times House Price Rise Boosts Obama Poll Hopes
2012-06-26 Bloomberg Lennar Said to Discuss $1 Billion Loan from Chinese Bank (no longer available)
2012-07-16 KNSD – San Diego Collecting Complaints on Your Credit Cards
2012-07-16 KPBS – San Diego Southern California Edison Releases Data on Faulty Steam Generators at San Onofre
2012-07-13 KPBS – San Diego Comic-Con Delivers $180 Million Economic Punch to San Diego
2012-06-25 KSWB – San Diego SOLO Shades' Proceeds Help Vision-Impaired (no longer available)
2012-06-24 XETV – San Diego Wendy Patrick (video clip no longer available)
2012-06-23 North County Times SALES TAX: Big Surge in Critical Revenue Stream for Cities (no longer available)
2012-06-22 Zillow Blog Vacation Rentals - Huge Rents... Any Profits?
2012-06-22 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter Weighs Greek Impact on U.S.
2012-06-22 Forbes Fiscal Cliff: Fact or Fiction?
2012-06-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Bank Still Healthy Despite Downgrade, Economists Say
2012-06-21 San Diego Union-Tribune Verizon Shakes Up Smartphone Pricing (no longer available)
2012-06-21 KNSD – San Diego Why Now May Be Time to Buy a New Home (video clip)
2012-06-20 Investor's Business Daily Gloomier Fed Extends Conservative 'Twist', For Now
2012-06-19 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego Foreclosures Fall to 5-Year Low
2012-06-19 KPBS – San Diego San Onofre: Design Caused Decay
2012-06-18 New York Post Gore's Eco-Friendly Firm Lands $16M Contract to Manage City Pension Funds
2012-06-18 KNSD – San Diego Credit Score Secret: Pay on Time
2012-06-18 San Diego Daily Transcript Microsoft Throws Hat Into the Tablet Ring
2012-06-18 Computerworld Microsoft Launches Own Windows 8 Tablets, One a Full PC
2012-06-18 San Diego Business Journal Can a Company Follow in Qualcomm's Giant Steps
2012-06-18 San Diego Business Journal Biotech Ascendant
2012-06-15 MBA Student to Undertake Analysis of Cricket
2012-06-15 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Can Americans Recoup Drop in Net Worth?
2012-06-13 San Diego Union-Tribune Single-Family Home Resales at 7-Year High (no longer available)
2012-06-12 KNSD – San Diego Share Everything Plan Pros and Cons (video clip)
2012-06-11 San Diego Union-Tribune U.S. Family Net Worth Drops to the Level of Early 1990s (no longer available)
2012-06-11 KPBS – San Diego Housing Woes and Upside Down Homeowners
2012-06-11 San Diego Business Journal Housing Rebound?
2012-06-08 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will Pension Vote Result in "Brain Drain"?
2012-06-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Foreclosure Activity Starts to Stabilize in San Diego
2012-06-07 KGTV – San Diego Probe Launched Into Election Night Attack on County Website
2012-06-07 KNSD – San Diego Albertsons to Cut 2500 Jobs (video clip)
2012-06-07 KPBS Radio – San Diego Typical CEO Salary in San Diego is $256K
2012-06-05 KNSD – San Diego Junk Food TV Ads Rejected (video clip)
2012-06-05 KPBS – San Diego Breastfeeding Moms Silenced by the Military
2012-06-03 KGTV – San Diego San Onofre Nuclear Plant Likely Offline Through August
2012-06-03 Money Matters Facebook IPO (video clip)
2012-06-02 San Diego Union-Tribune Why This Jobs Report is a Big Deal (no longer available)
2012-06-01 KNSD – San Diego Cricket Wireless to Offer Prepaid iPhone (video clip no longer available)
2012-06-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Why Was May's Jobless Report so Disappointing?
2012-06-01 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter Panel Looks for Safe, Lucrative Investments
2012-06-01 Housing Sector Drives Job Losses
2012-07-20 USA Today With Twitter temptations, an Olympic scandal awaits
2012-07-20 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Save defense jobs, damn the deficit?
2012-07-22 KNSD – San Diego Shooting Suspect Was Quiet, Witty Says Friends
2012-07-20 KNSD – San Diego Tragedy in Colorado (video clip)
2012-07-20 KGTV – San Diego Pawn Shop Visit (video clip)
2012-07-20 XETV – San Diego Security Questions (video clip)
2012-07-23 KPBS – San Diego Massacre Suspect James Holmes Appears in Court
2012-07-20 KPBS – San Diego Colorado Shooting Suspect Went To San Diego High School
2012-07-23 KUSI – San Diego Public Outlet Security (video clip)
2012-07-20 KFMB – San Diego Theater Security (video clip)
2012-07-23 KNSD – San Diego Most Connected Olympics Ever (video clip)
2012-07-23 San Diego Business Journal Venture Capitalist's Quest Keeps Him Invested in Southland
2012-07-23 UT-TV How To Spot Red Flags (video clip no longer available)
2012-07-24 KNSD – San Diego SD Housing Market Bouncing Back: Report
2012-07-25 KNSD – San Diego Olympic Sponsorships (video clip)
2012-07-24 Battle of the Credit Scores
2012-07-26 UT-TV Analysis of the Colorado Shooting Suspect (video clip no longer available)
2012-07-29 XETV – San Diego Analyzing the Shooting Suspect (video clip no longer available)
2012-07-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Should we seize underwater mortgages?
2012-07-28 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Boot Greece out of the eurozone?
2012-07-30 San Diego Business Journal Deposit Slips
2012-07-30 San Diego Business Journal USFL Returns With A New Game Plan
2012-07-27 KPBS – San Diego Back To School Shopping Season Important For Stores
2012-07-30 10 Things Credit Scores Won't Say (no longer available)
2012-07-31 KSWB – San Diego On The Money - SDSU's Mark Goldman on Real Estate (video clip)
2012-08-01 Athletic Business Sports MBA Scott Minto Discusses Olympic Bids and Sponsorship
2012-08-01 Forbes All Star Student Entrepreneurs
2012-07-31 MSN US housing mess: It's not the worst
2012-08-03 San Diego Union-Tribune How will drought affect San Diego food prices?
2012-08-05 XETV – San Diego Chick-fil-A's 1st amendment right (video clip no longer available)
2012-08-06 San Diego Business Journal AL Puts Tangy Taste in Supplement Biz
2012-08-03 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Should the Fed have acted?
2012-08-03 KUSI – San Diego First Amendment Rights At Work (video clip)
2012-08-06 Forbes Knight Capital: The Ideal Way To Screw Up On Wall Street
2012-08-03 San Diego Union-Tribune July job growth most in five months
2012-08-07 SmartMoney The True Cost of Making the Olympics
2012-08-08 KNSD – San Diego Refinery Fire Drives up Gas Prices (video clip)
2012-08-08 San Diego Daily Transcript County trustee deeds, notices of default increase slightly
2012-08-09 KPBS – San Diego Do Corporations Pay State Taxes?
2012-08-09 Wall Street Journal IKEA Discloses an $11 Billion Secret
2012-08-10 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will the Olympics return London's investment?
2012-08-13 San Diego Business Journal Dean Puts Resources to Work For Business's Next Generation
2012-08-13 North County Times HOUSING: Foreclosure rate falls, but rise in defaults predicts clouds ahead
2012-08-15 Wall Street Journal It's Not Book of the Month: It's Men's Fashion
2012-08-17 Wall Street Journal Stocks: The 'Lockup' Effect
2012-08-16 KGTV – San Diego SDSU Professor's Software Aims To Curb School Dropouts
2012-08-17 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter takes pulse of VP choice Ryan's budget
2012-08-17 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU dean finds job more difficult than running a business
2012-08-20 KPBS – San Diego Report: Payday Loans Used For Everyday Expenses
2012-08-17 North County Times SDSU professor develops software to curb drop-outs
2012-08-12 KNSD – San Diego Calling All Parents (video clip)
2012-08-20 KGTV – San Diego $2.5 Billion Deal Could Raise Local Gas Prices
2012-08-22 KPBS – San Diego High Tech Hook To Keep Kids In School
2012-08-22 KPBS – San Diego What's Next For San Onofre?
2012-08-22 MarketWatch Fewer home buyers are first-timers
2012-08-23 KNSD – San Diego Car Payments Increase (video clip)
2012-08-23 KSWB – San Diego SDSU professor develops program to stop dropouts (no longer available)
2012-08-24 KFMB – San Diego Armstrong stripped of 7 Tour titles, banned for life (video clip)
2012-08-24 Reuters Armstrong's marketing appeal seen surviving title loss
2012-08-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Armstrong glides over PR speed bump
2012-08-26 San Diego Union-Tribune What should GOP, Democratic campaigns say about housing?
2012-08-25 XETV – San Diego Scott Minto: Lance Armstrong's Image and Legacy (video clip no longer available)
2012-08-24 KNSD – San Diego Effect on Donations (video clip)
2012-08-26 KGTV – San Diego Critics Renew Calls To Keep San Onofre Offline
2012-08-27 The Daily Aztec Google challenges students
2012-08-24 KNSD – San Diego Doping Accusations (video clip)
2012-08-28 The Daily Aztec Software created to retain students
2012-08-28 KPBS – San Diego Apple iPhone Win - What Does It Mean For Consumers?
2012-08-28 KPBS – San Diego Local Home Price Sales Up 1.1 Percent Last Month
2012-08-29 KSWB – San Diego Workplace Violence (video clip)
2012-08-30 KPBS – San Diego Cost Benefit Analysis Underway At San Onofre
2012-09-03 San Diego Business Journal Fashion Retailers See the Pluses of the Plus-Size Market
2012-09-05 KSWB – San Diego What is Sexual Harassment? (video clip)
2012-09-05 Libor, the federal funds rate and the US prime rate: A primer
2012-09-05 Kiplinger AT&T and Verizon Still Rule
2012-09-05 KUSI – San Diego Amazon Sales Tax
2012-09-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Walmart, Toys R Us expand layaway programs
2012-09-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Why Long's Aztecs went for it on fourth down in fourth
2012-09-06 Reuters Dear boss, I'm pregnant, bankrupt, divorcing
2012-09-10 San Diego Business Journal Regulus' IPO Plans Draw Some Big Names
2012-09-08 San Diego Union-Tribune Is Calfornia ready for state-run private pensions?
2012-09-07 KUSI – San Diego Jobs Report (video clip)
2012-09-10 KPBS – San Diego Online Shopping Is About To Get A Little More Expensive In Calif
2012-09-11 KFMB – San Diego Sales Tax (video clip)
2012-09-11 KNSD – San Diego Amazon Prepares to Collect California Tax (video clip)
2012-09-13 Fed: No rate hikes until at least 2015
2012-09-13 U-T San Diego Amazon's sales tax advantage ending
2012-09-13 KNSD – San Diego Protecting Packages With Personal Lockers (video clip)
2012-09-13 U-T San Diego QE3: Fed launches new round of stimulus
2012-09-14 Financial Times Tax levels playing field for retailers
2012-09-16 North County Times HOUSING: 'We're in a seller's market' (no longer available)
2012-09-10 San Diego Daily Transcript Notices of default down 42.7% from August 2011
2012-09-17 San Diego Business Journal Moving in a New Direction
2012-09-17 KNSD – San Diego Robocall Complaints Increase (video clip)
2012-09-18 USA Today Apple iPhone fans line up for days
2012-09-19 KSWB – San Diego Forbes names SDSU students to all-star business list (video clip no longer available)
2012-09-19 KFMB – San Diego Amazon alternatives that don't charge sales tax (video clip)
2012-09-19 KNSD – San Diego Fans Scramble To Watch Favorite Sports Teams (video clip)
2012-09-19 KSWB – San Diego SDSU marketing expert discusses the iPhone 5 (video clip)
2012-09-20 SDSU Library Blog Sneak Peak at the Financial Markets Laboratory
2012-09-17 SDSU Newscenter Financial Markets Lab Coming to Library
2012-09-23 The Daily Aztec State-of-the-art finance lab unveiled
2012-09-24 San Diego Business Journal Realities Reset Biotech Investment Strategies
2012-09-21 CBS News NFL to teams: Stop berating replacement refs
2012-05-30 San Diego Union-Tribune 'Mayoral Derby' gets compromised, closes
2012-05-29 KNSD – San Diego More Issues at San Onofre (video clip)
2012-05-29 The Coast News 'New era' of fitness helping to extend athletes' careers
2012-05-29 KGTV – San Diego New Problems For Plant (video clip)
2012-05-29 KFMB – San Diego AP NewsBreak: Backup power probed at CA nuke plant (video clip)
2012-05-29 KPBS – San Diego San Diego Embraces A New Electronic Wallet
2012-05-28 San Diego Business Journal Money Follows as More of U.S. Navy Fleet Heads to San Diego
2012-05-26 San Diego Union-Tribune Job advice to grads: Take risks, be a forward thinker
2012-05-25 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Will There be a run on Greek banks?
2012-05-25 San Diego Union-Tribune Should banks reduce mortgage principal?
2012-05-23 San Diego Daily Transcript Facebook facing concerns over IPO
2012-05-23 KPBS Radio The Fronteras Vote 2012 Election Special (audio clip)
2012-05-21 Center for American Progress The Global Importance of Government Guarantees in Mortgage Finance
2012-05-21 KPBS – San Diego A Better Nuclear Power Plant?
2012-05-21 KNSD – San Diego Why We Hate Paying More For Gas (video clip)
2012-05-21 San Diego Business Journal Mortgage Veteran Starts New Venture
2012-05-21 San Diego Business Journal Mortgage Banks and Brokers Making a Comeback
2012-05-21 XETV – San Diego Murray Jennex: San Onofre/New Ad (video clip no longer available)
2012-05-18 KUSI – San Diego Facebook Goes Public (video clip)
2012-05-18 San Diego Union-Tribune What's job market like for college grads?
2012-05-18 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter panel looks for magic budget bullet
2012-05-18 North County Times HOUSING: Foreclosure rate half of what it was a year ago (no longer available)
2012-05-17 KGTV – San Diego California Collects Billions From IPO (video clip)
2012-05-17 U.S. News & World Report At Some Business Schools, the Salesman's Not Dead
2012-05-15 The National Law Journal The next solo incubator will be in San Diego
2012-05-14 USA Today CEOs stumble over ethics violations, mismanagement
2012-05-14 CEOs Gone Wild: What's Wrong With Corporate America?
2012-05-14 San Diego Business Journal Accounting Firm Purchase Makes Sense in Number of Ways
2012-05-11 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Is income inequity a threat to American prosperity?
2012-05-10 KNSD – San Diego Banks Urged to Pay for Foreclosed Home Maintenance
2012-05-09 Associated Press Ecuador law would forgive mortgage debt (no longer available)
2012-05-08 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU celebrates Sales Appreciation Day, receives $150K for new sales program
2012-05-08 San Diego Business Journal SDSU Launches New Program With Pageantry, Job Fair
2012-05-08 KNSD – San Diego Are Salesmen Taught or Born? (video clip)
2012-05-07 San Diego Daily Transcript Trustee deeds decrease almost 50%
2012-05-06 San Diego Union-Tribune U.S. Could Return to Mostly Private Mortgages (no longer available)
2012-05-04 San Diego Union-Tribune Small to moderate job growth expected this year
2012-05-04 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Are unpaid internships worth it?
2012-05-01 KGTV – San Diego San Diego Black-Out: Businesses Fight to Recover Money (video clip no longer available)
2012-04-30 San Diego Daily Transcript SDSU students win NAIOP University Challenge
2012-04-30 San Diego Business Journal Bank in Good Position for Serving Mexico, U.S.
2012-04-30 San Diego Business Journal Local Brokers Optimistic That Market is at Bottom
2012-04-29 KGTV – San Diego Protesters March At San Onofre Nuclear Plant
2012-04-29 XETV – San Diego New Research regarding the San Onofre Nuclear Plant (video clip no longer available)
2012-04-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Cheers and jeers for the Walmart Show
2012-04-27 KNSD – San Diego Enhanced Mortgage Relief Program an Unsung Hero (video clip)
2012-04-27 San Diego Union-Tribune SD tourism needs fatter wallets, not more 'heads in beds'
2012-04-26 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Should we cap interest rates on students loans?
2012-04-26 KGTV – San Diego County Homeowners Could Be Overpaying On Property Tax
2012-04-24 KNSD – San Diego Shopping Startups Use Video as Billboards
2012-04-24 KPBS Radio – San Diego Walmart Bribery Scandal
2012-04-24 KUSI – San Diego Walmart Faces Bribery Allegations Across the Border (video clip)
2012-04-21 North County Times HOUSING: 'This is crazy': Home ownership cheaper than renting
2012-04-20 San Diego Union-Tribune EconoMeter: Tax refund - spend or save?
2012-04-19 Cities With the Least Realistic Home Sellers
2012-04-18 Just Means Divining the Next Stock Market Crash: New Fragility Index Measures Global Systemic Risk (no longer available)
2012-04-16 KGTV – San Diego 2 More Aircraft Carriers Coming to San Diego