Finance Department Faculty

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Andrei Andreev Andrei Andreev, MBA Lecturer EBA-337E 619-594-0942
Stephen Blum Stephen Blum Adjunct Lecturer EBA-325 619-594-0973
Zuzana Colaprete Lecturer EBA-337C 619-594-0939
Andrew Do, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3400 619-594-5324
David Ely David Ely, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Professor SSE-3356 619-594-6842
Eduardo Garcia Eduardo Garcia Lecturer EBA-337E 619-594-0942
Mark H. Goldman Mark H. Goldman, CCIM Lecturer EBA-337E 619-594-0942
Stefano Gubellini Stefano Gubellini, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3402 619-594-8398
Kamal Haddad Kamal Haddad, Ph.D. Chair SSE-3314 619-594-5311
Don Harrington Don Harrington Lecturer EBA-320 619-594-1877
Januj Juneja Januj A. Juneja, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3410 619-594-8397
Seth Kaplowitz Seth Kaplowitz, LLM Lecturer EBA-325 619-594-0973
Jaemin Kim Jaemin Kim, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3412 619-594-2721
Marie-Eve Lachance Marie-Eve Lachance, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3308 619-594-6625
Fadi Massamiri Lecturer EBA-337C 619-594-0939
Scott McGann Scott McGann Lecturer NH-318 619-594-8497
Stephen Nielander Stephen Nielander Lecturer EBA-320 619-594-1877
Frank Ryan Frank Ryan Lecturer EBA-337C 619-594-0939
Moon Song Moon Song, Ph.D. Professor SSE-3108 619-594-5334
Ning Tang Ning Tang, Ph.D. Associate Professor SSE-3306 619-594-2082
Nikhil (Nik) Varaiya Nikhil (Nik) Varaiya, Ph.D. Professor/Directory of Graduate Programs SSE-3124 619-594-7713
Thomas M.D. Warschauer Thomas M.D. Warschauer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus SSE-3401 619-594-4354

Building Abbreviations Used in this Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
EBA Education and Business Administration
NH Nasatir Hall
SSE Student Services East