Dr. Robert Judge

Management Information Systems

Dr. Robert Judge on a road bicycle raceDr. Robert Judge’s academic career “kicked off” with a broken leg.

Judge, who has earned two master’s degrees from the Fowler College of Business (’82, MBA and ’05, MSBA in information science), had just moved back to San Diego in 1984 after living in New Mexico where he worked for Intel Corporation. “Shortly after my return to San Diego, I ran into my SDSU graduate advisor, Dr. Bill Sherrard,” he said. “A few weeks later, he broke his leg and asked me to cover his class. Subsequently, some of the department chairs asked me to fill in whenever they needed to cover a class and I enjoyed it and found meaning in teaching.”

In 2003, after doing substitute and part-time teaching for nearly 20 years, he gave up his career in the tech industry to concentrate on teaching full-time. During that same time, he began work on his MSBA in information systems which led him to earn his Ph.D. in information science and technology from Claremont Graduate University in 2008.

Now a full-time lecturer at the Fowler College of Business, Judge has a full plate which includes teaching three courses and serving as the director of the Business Honors program. “The program encourages students to explore leadership, community activity, self-development, internship and study abroad, as well as academic excellence,” Judge explained. “It is a tremendous joy to work with these students who continuously remind me what it means to be optimistic and a good person.”

In addition, Judge is spearheading Apple’s Everybody Can Code (ECC) initiative for SDSU. ECC provides the tools and curriculum to introduce students to computer programming using Apple’s Swift programming language. The objective of the program is to teach students how to develop viable apps, which makes them more marketable as they enter the workforce. Because of to his campus leadership with the ECC program, Judge was recently awarded the Allan Bailey Service Award for Lecturers from the Fowler College of Business.

Judge says he loves working with students and the FCB allows him to focus on that with tremendous support and encouragement from Dean Nail, Bruce Reinig the MIS department chair, and his mentor, Murray Jennex.

When Judge is not teaching, he is often preparing for an athletic activity, which usually involves swimming or cycling. He was an outstanding water polo player during his undergraduate days at Humboldt State University, has competed in numerous swimming competitions, and is currently training for a half-Ironman triathlon event that will take place in the summer of 2020.