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Building Abbreviations Used in this Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
AL Arts and Letters
EBA Education and Business Administration
EIS Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex
GC Gateway Center
SSE Student Services East
Name Emeritus Dates Department
Theophilus B.A. Addo, Ph.D. 1987-2015 MIS (IDS)
Fred Akers 1966-1976 Marketing
Loyal (Eugene) Apple 1985-1991 Marketing
Ellis (Jack) Archer 1956-1979 MIS (IDS)
Thomas Atchison 1965-1992 Management
William Baker, Ph.D. 2001-2010 Marketing
William Barber 1959-1991 Management
Andrew Barnett, Ph.D. 1983-2005 Accountancy
James R. Beatty, Ph.D. 1973-2014 MIS (IDS)
James Belasco, Ph.D. 1971-2000 Management
Michael Belch (Kartalija), Ph.D. 1976-2013 Marketing
Russell Block, J.D. 1969-2004 Finance
John Bost, J.D. 1979-2003 Finance
Neil Brady 1982-1994 Management
Arthur Brodshatzer 1956-1986 Accountancy
David Butler, Ph.D. 1981-2002 Accountancy
Mark Butler, Ph.D. 1981-2002 Management
Robert Capettini, Ph.D. 1985-2007 Accountancy
Antony Cherin, Ph.D. 1982-2003 Finance
Chee Chow, Ph.D. 1984-2010 Accountancy
Richard Darley, Ph.D. 1961-1980 Marketing
Patricia Dintone, Ph.D. 1989-2006 Management
Martha Doran, Ph.D. 2000-2011 Accountancy
Craig Dunn, Ph.D. 1990-2006 Management
George Easton, Ph.D. 1988-2011 MIS (IDS)
Sanford Ehrlich, Ph.D. 1986-2011 Management
William Feeney, Ph.D. 1974-1997 MIS (IDS)
Dale Ferrel 1957-1977 Accountancy
Horace Fisher 1957-1977 Finance
Marie Flatley, Ph.D. 1979-2007 MIS (IDS)
M. Kenneth Garrett, Div. 1994-2003 Accountancy
Jai Ghorpade, Ph.D. 1965-2000 Management
E. Dana Gibson 1947-1971  
Lawrence Gitman, Ph.D. 1989-2004 Finance
Robert Haas, Ph.D. 1967-1997 Marketing
Elmore (Alan) Hale, Ph.D. 1957-1987 Marketing
David Hampton, Ph.D. 1964-2004 Management
Richard Hatch, Ph.D. 1975-2000 MIS (IDS)
Michael Hergert, Ph.D. 1985-2010 Management
William Hippaka, Ph.D. 1957-1990 Finance
Arthur Houston, Ph.D. 1986-2002 Finance
Carol Houston, Ph.D. 1966-2004 Accountancy
Robert Hungate, Ph.D. 1961-1987 Finance
Robert Hutchins, D.B.A. 1968-1998 Finance
Kathleen Krentler, Ph.D. 1981-2014 Marketing
Jim Lackritz, Ph.D. 1977-2010 MIS (IDS)
Robert Langenbach, Ed. 1959-1981 MIS (IDS)
Kevin Lightner, Ph.D. 1968-2004 Accountancy
Sharon Lightner, Ph.D. 1977-2012 Accountancy
Donald Lindgren, Ph.D. 1965-1992 Marketing
John McFall, Ph.D. 1966-1985 Marketing
Robert Meier, Ph.D. 1972-1986 Accountancy
Robert Meigs, Ph.D. 1972-1996 Accountancy
Daryl Mitton, Ph.D. 1966-1991 Management
Gail Naughton, Ph.D. 2002-2011 Dean
Ronald Norman, Ph.D. 1985-2000 MIS (IDS)
William Nye, Ph.D. 1962-1996 Finance
Edward Omberg, Ph.D. 1989-2006 Finance
Albert (Chad) Pierson 1954-1983 Management
Robert K. Plice, Ph.D. 2002-2014 MIS (IDS)
William Reints, Ph.D. 1966-1992 Finance
Stephen Robbins, Ph.D. 1979-1993 Management
Kanwal Sachdeva, Ph.D. 1976-2004 Finance
Richard Samuelson, Ph.D., CPA 1973-2000 Accountancy
Robert J. Schlesinger, Ph.D. 1984-1997 MIS (IDS)
Walter Schmier, Ph.D. 1967-1975 Business Law
Don Sciglimpaglia, Ph.D. 1977-2010 Marketing
Robert Settle, Ph.D. 1972-1988 Marketing
William Sherrard, Ph.D. 1968-2000 MIS (IDS)
Lynn Shore, Ph.D. 2004-2013 Management
James Short, Ph.D. 1973-2000 Finance
Les Snudden, D.B.A. 1959-1987 Accountancy
Willard S. Snyder Jr. 1989-1992, 1994-2011 Accountancy
Norman Sondak, D. Eng. 1978-2000 MIS (IDS)
William Spaulding 1970-1985 MIS (IDS)
Alexander Srbich 1959-1983 Management
William Sterk, Ph.D. 1978-2011 Finance
Lura Straub 1948-1978 MIS (IDS)
Howard Toole, Ph.D. 1972-2005 Accountancy
Pradeep Tyagi, Ph.D. 1982-2012 Marketing
Pieter Vandenberg, Ph.D. 1969-2004 Finance
Dinoo Vanier, Ph.D. 1970-1998 Marketing
Carol Venable, Ph.D. 1987-2010 Accountancy
Gretchen Vik, Ph.D. 1975-2009 MIS (IDS)
Thomas Warschauer, Ph.D. 1977-2005 Finance
Ray Whittington, Ph.D. 1978-1999 Accountancy
Robert Wilbur, Ph.D. 1974-2004 Finance
James Williamson, Ph.D. 1968-2002 Accountancy
Thomas Wotruba, Ph.D. 1962-2000 Marketing
Penny Wright, Ph.D. 1972-2002 Management