Executive MBA Program

Study Groups: The Power of Teams

A unique component of the program is the small study group you will join at the beginning of the program. Study groups bring together students representing diverse industries and job functions, and provide you an opportunity to work in a task-oriented team with your peers throughout the program. Group teamwork reinforces management practice and helps you develop interpersonal skills and increase your effectiveness in small group decision-making.

Your study group will meet outside of class, typically weekly or bi-weekly, to complete group assignments and assist each other in the learning process. Your study group will typically be comprised of students who live or work near you. In addition, these teams will be organized to provide as much diversity in job-related expertise as possible, thereby broadening your functional perspective as you learn from one another. Not only will your teammates enhance the educational process and provide continuity and mutual support throughout the program, they will become your lifelong friends.

tough mudder

Fourteen of SDSU’s 39 EMBA XXIV students participated in the Tough Mudder team-building event held in Temecula, Calif. on Saturday, October 25, 2014.



When I enrolled in SDSU’s Executive MBA Program, I had several professional and personal goals I hoped to achieve both during the program and after graduation. I knew I wanted to try my hand at entrepreneurship and I hoped an MBA would help give me the confidence to take the entrepreneurial leap I had been considering for years; it did. During the EMBA program, I developed amazing relationships with both EMBA students and faculty members that have proven to be extremely valuable in business. I learned critical skills that helped me grow as a business leader and creative thinker; where self-employment once seemed like a pipe dream, it became an actionable endeavor that I got more excited about as time went on. Once I started my company, the relationships I made during my time as an EMBA student had a direct role in landing new clients in the public, private, and federal sectors.

I founded my company in late 2012 - roughly two months after my EMBA graduation. Going through the program curriculum enabled me to clarify my business goals, develop action steps, and draft a business plan that has helped me formulate a strategic vision for my company. The program also helped me better identify my weaknesses, improve in those areas, and capitalize on my strengths. While I certainly can’t say that the program was easy, I can say – with absolute enthusiasm – that it was an excellent investment in myself and my business. I would recommend the EMBA Program to those individuals who enjoy a good challenge and want to surround themselves with top-tier business professionals who will help them make the most of their business and career aspirations. My recommendation: take the challenge; go forth and conquer.

Dallas Poore
Fortitude E&C, Inc.
EMBA XXI Graduate, 2012