FCBA Media Contacts

Topic Name Phone Email Address
Academic Recruiting Patricia van Damme 619-594-8279 [email protected]
Accounting David DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Accounting Steve Gill 619-594-6273 [email protected]
Accounting Ethics Jon Baumunk 702-354-2655 [email protected]
Advertising Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 [email protected]
Advertising Michael Belch 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Advertising Paula C. Peter 619-594-8295 [email protected]
Advertising Steve Gaffen 913-488-7650 [email protected]
Advertising Steven Osinski 858-945-4620 (cell) [email protected]
Affirmative Action Dan Eaton 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Asia Business Lois Olsen 858-945-4750 (cell) [email protected]
Asia Real Estate Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Assessment of Student Learning Kathleen Krentler 619-594-4762 [email protected]
Auditing Dave DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Banking David Ely 619-594-6842 [email protected]
Banking Tony Cherin 619-992-5657 [email protected]
Branding Vince Ferraro 858-837-1837 [email protected]
Branding (products) Bernhard Schroeder 619-594-0560 [email protected]
Branding (products) Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
Building Issues Bill Sannwald 619-670-5131 [email protected]
Business Ethics Dan Eaton 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Business Ethics Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Business Law Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Business Operating Environments Congcong Zheng 619-723-9053 (cell) [email protected]
Cannabis Business Issues Jon Baumunk 702-354-2655 [email protected] 
Case Shiller Mark Goldman 858-487-1875 [email protected]
Charitable Organizations Congcong Zheng 619-723-9053 [email protected]
China Business Congcong Zheng 619-723-9053 (cell) [email protected]
China Business Lois Olson 858-945-4750 (cell) [email protected]
China Business Massoud Saghafi 618-594-6358 [email protected]
China Business Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Closely-Held Business Carmen Bianchi 858-922-3155 [email protected]
Cloud Computing Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 [email protected]
College Football (Business) John Francis 858-352-8322 [email protected]
Commercial Real Estate Mark Goldman 858-487-1875 [email protected]
Commercial Real Estate Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Compensation David DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Compensation Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7232 [email protected]
Competitive Analysis Nik Varaiya 619-594-7713 [email protected]
Computer Hacking Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
Conflict Resolution Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Construction Issues Bill Sannwald 619-670-5131 (cell) [email protected]
Consumer Behavior Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 [email protected]
Consumer Behavior Kristine Ehrich 858-848-0117 [email protected]
Consumer Behavior Michael Belch 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Consumer Behavior Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
Consumer Behavior Vince Ferraro 858-837-1837 [email protected] 
Consumer Behavior Paula C. Peter 619-594-8295 [email protected]
Consumer Communications Michael Belch 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Consumer Ethics Kristine Ehrich 858-848-0117 [email protected]
Consumer Nutrition Kristine Ehrich 858-848-0117 [email protected]
Consumer Products Lois Olson 858-945-4750 (cell) [email protected]
Consumer Psychology Kristine Ehrich 858-848-0117 [email protected]
Contract Negotiations Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Corporate Board of Directors Chamu Sundaramurthy 619-594-4845 [email protected]
Corporate Board of Directors Taekjin Shin 619-594-1913 [email protected] 
Corporate Finance Babak Lotfaliei 619-594-4790 [email protected]
Corporate Governance Bill Sannwald 619-670-5131 [email protected]
Corporate Responsibility Alex DeNoble 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Corporate Tax Nathan Oestreich 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Corporate Taxes Jaemin Kim 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Corporate Taxes Narelle MacKenzie 619-594-0206 [email protected] 
Credit Unions Tony Cherin 619-992-5657 [email protected]
Critical Infrastructure Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
Cuba Business John Francis 858-352-8322 [email protected]
Customer Satisfaction Robert Briggs 619-594-6942 [email protected]
Customer Service Beth Chung 619-594-2699 [email protected]
Cyber Crime Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 [email protected]
Data Analysis Jim Lackritz 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Decision Support Systems Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
Digital Marketing Bernhard Schroeder 619-594-0560 [email protected]
Digital Marketing Heather Honea 760-809-8272 [email protected]
Direct Marketing Steven Osinski 858-945-4620 (cell) [email protected]
Discrimination in the Workplace Dan Eaton 619-665-3052 [email protected]
Diversity in the Workplace Dan Eaton 619-665-7719 [email protected]
Do-it-yourself Consumerism Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 (cell) [email protected]
Economy (U.S.) Steve Nielander 949-212-1288 (cell) [email protected]
Economy (U.S.) Tony Cherin 619-992-5657 [email protected]
Employee Benefits Nathan Oestreich 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Employee/Employer Rights Dan Eaton 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Employment Law Dan Eaton 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Entrepreneurial Finance Nik Varaiya 619-594-7713 [email protected]
Entrepreneurs' Societal Impact Congcong Zheng 619-723-9053 (cell) [email protected]
Entrepreneurship Alex DeNoble 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Entrepreneurship Congcong Zheng 619-723-9053 (cell) [email protected]
Entrepreneurship Tanya Hertz 619-813-0969 [email protected]
Entrepreneurship Steven Osinski 858-945-4620 (cell) [email protected]
Entrepreneurship (International) Martina Musteen 619-594-8346 [email protected]
Environmental Business Issues Heather Honea 760-809-8272 (cell) [email protected]
Environmental Social Activism Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 (cell) [email protected]
Equity Markets Steve Nielander 949-212-1288 (cell) [email protected]
Ethics in Business Bill Sannwald 619-670-5131 [email protected]
Ethics in Business Dan Eaton 619-665-7719 [email protected]
Ethics in Business Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace Beth Chung 619-594-2699 [email protected]
Ethnic Diversity in the Workplace Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
European Economy Januj Juneja 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Eurozone Januj Juneja 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Tom Warschauer 619-594-4354 [email protected]
Executive Decision Making Dave DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Executive Management/Behavior Beth Chung 619-594-2699 [email protected]
Executive Salaries/Compensation David DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Family Business Carmen Bianchi 858-922-3155 [email protected]
Family-owned Businesses (governance) Chamu Sundaramurthy 619-594-4845 [email protected]
Fantasy Football Scott Minto 202-841-3878 [email protected]
Financial Institutions David Ely 619-594-6842 [email protected]
Financial Institutions Tony Cherin 619-992-5657 [email protected]
Financial Management Babak Lotfaliei 619-594-4790 [email protected]
Financial Markets Steve Nielander 949-212-1288 (cell) [email protected]
Financial Markets Tony Cherin 619-992-5657 [email protected]
Financial Planning Tom Warschauer 619-594-4354 [email protected]
Financial Reporting Dave DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Fixed Income Markets Steve Nielander 949-212-1288 (cell) [email protected]
Food Marketing Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 [email protected]
Freedom of Speech at Work Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Gen Y Marketing Lois Olson 858-945-4750 (cell) [email protected]
Gift Cards Steve Gill 619-594-6273 [email protected]
Green Business Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 [email protected]
Green Business Heather Honea 760-809-8272 (cell) [email protected]
Health Marketing Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 [email protected]
Hierarchies in Business Congcong Zheng 619-723-9053 (cell) [email protected]
Housing Prices Mark Goldman 858-487-1875 [email protected]
Human Resources Tanya Hertz 619-813-0969 [email protected]
Human Resources Dan Eaton 619-594-0206 [email protected] 
Human Resources Beth Chung 619-594-2699 [email protected]
Identity Theft (technology) Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
Income Tax Nathan Oestreich 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Nik Varaiya 619-594-7713 [email protected]
International Business Congcong Zheng 619-723-9053 (cell) [email protected]
International Business John Francis 858-352-8322 [email protected]
International Business Mark Ballam 619-594-0206 [email protected]
International Business Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
International Business Law Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
International Contract Negotiations Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
International Entrepreneurship Congcong Zheng 619-723-9053 (cell) [email protected]
International Entrepreneurship Martina Musteen 619-594-8346 [email protected]
International Entrepreneurship Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
International Finance Jaemin Kim 619-594-0206 [email protected]
International Marketing Massoud Saghafi 619-594-6358 [email protected]
International Marketing Vince Ferraro 858-837-1837 [email protected]
International Marketing Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
International Sports Management John Francis 858-352-8322 [email protected]
International Taxes Narelle MacKenzie 619-294-9110 [email protected]
International Trade Robert Judge 619-594-0783 [email protected]
Internet Marketing Bernhard Schroeder 619-594-0560 [email protected]
Internet Marketing Heather Honea 760-809-8272 [email protected]
Inventory Control Fred Raafat 619-594-5685 [email protected]
Investments (Stock Market) Nik Varaiya 619-594-7713 [email protected]
Investor Relations Alex DeNoble 619-594-0206 [email protected]
IT Crisis Response and Management Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
IT Operations Fred Raafat 619-594-5685 [email protected]
IT Project Management Robert Judge 619-594-0783 [email protected]
IT Security Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
IT Systems Design Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
Japan Business/Marketing Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
Job Recruitment Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
K - 12 Learners At Risk Robert Briggs 619-594-6942 [email protected]
Knowledge Management Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
Knowledge Management Robert Judge 619-594-0783 [email protected]
Latin American Business/Marketing Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
Law (Business) Russell Block 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Law (Business) Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Leadership in Business Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Leadership in Business Vince Ferraro 858-837-1837 [email protected]
Leadership in Business Tanya Hertz 619-813-0969 [email protected]
Legal Business Communications Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Management Vince Ferraro 858-837-1837 [email protected]
Manufacturing IT Systems Robert Judge 619-594-0783 [email protected]
Marketing Bernhard Schroeder 619-594-0560 [email protected]
Marketing Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
Marketing (international) Massoud Saghafi 619-594-6358 [email protected]
Marketing Communications Michael Belch 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Marketing Ethics Kristine Ehrich 858-848-0117 [email protected]
Marketing Research Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 [email protected]
Marketing, New Media Heather Honea 760-809-8272 (cell) [email protected]
Media Industry Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
Media Industry Steve Gaffen 913-488-7650 [email protected]
Military Decision Making Robert Briggs 619-594-6942 [email protected]
Monetary Policy David Ely 619-594-6842 [email protected]
Mortgage Defaults Mark Goldman 858-487-1875 [email protected]
Mutual Funds Tom Warschauer 619-594-4354 [email protected]
Mutual Funds Taxation Steve Gill 619-594-6273 [email protected]
Networks Bongsik Shin 619-594-2133 [email protected]
Non-profit Governance Bill Sannwald 619-670-5131 (cell) [email protected]
Non-profit Marketing Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 (cell) [email protected]
Non-profit Organizations Bill Sannwald 619-670-5131 [email protected]
Nuclear Containment Testing Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
Organizational Behavior Tanya Hertz 619-813-0969 [email protected]
Personal Finance Tom Warschauer 619-594-4354 [email protected]
Personal Finance Tony Cherin 619-992-5657 [email protected]
Portfolio Management Tom Warschauer 619-594-4354 [email protected]
Power and Influence Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Pricing Strategy Massoud Saghafi 619-594-6358 [email protected]
Privacy in the Workplace Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Product Branding Bernhard Schroeder 619-594-0560 [email protected]
Product Branding Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
Product Development Robert Briggs 619-594-6942 [email protected]
Publications Steven Osinski 858-945-4620 [email protected]
Quality Control Jim Lackritz 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Real Estate Appraisals Mark Goldman 858-487-1875 [email protected]
Real Estate Construction Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Real Estate Development Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Real Estate Loan Modifications Mark Goldman 858-487-1875 [email protected]
Real Estate Secondary Markets Mark Goldman 858-487-1875 [email protected]
Residential Real Estate Mark Goldman 858-487-1875 [email protected]
Residential Real Estate Tanya Hertz 619-813-0969 [email protected]
Residential Real Estate Law Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
Retirement Planning Tom Warschauer 619-594-4354 [email protected]
Sales Education Steven Osinski 858-945-4620 [email protected]
SEC Reporting David DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Sexual Harassment Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Sexual Harrassment Dan Eaton 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Small and Medium Enterprises Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 (cell) [email protected]
Social Marketing Paula C. Peter 619-594-8295 [email protected]
Social Media Murray Jennex 619-985-6209 [email protected]
Social Media Robert Judge 619-594-0783 [email protected]
Social Media Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Social Networking Miro Copic 619-733-3745 [email protected]
Social Networking Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Social Security Tom Warschauer 619-594-4354 [email protected]
Software Development Robert Briggs 619-594-6942 [email protected]
Sports Accounting Dave DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Sports Business Scott Minto 202-841-3878 [email protected]
Sports Economics Jim Lackritz 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Sports Financial Management Dave DeBoskey 619-594-2376 [email protected]
Sports Management John Francis 858-352-8322 [email protected]
Start-Up Finance Jaemin Kim 619-594-0206 Jaemin Kim
State Income Tax Steve Gill 619-594-6273 [email protected]
Statistical Analysis Jim Lackritz 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Statistics Jim Lackritz 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Stock Dividends Babak Lotfaliei 619-594-4790 [email protected]
Stock Market Jaemin Kim 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Stock Market Tony Cherin 619-992-5657 [email protected]
Stock Options Babak Lotfaliei 619-594-4790 [email protected]
Stock Valuation Nik Varaiya 619-594-7713 [email protected]
Sustainable Business Erlinde Cornelis 504-994-4890 [email protected]
Tax Evasion Jon Baumunk 702-354-2655 [email protected]
Tax Evasion Steve Gill 619-594-6273 [email protected]
Team Decision Making Robert Briggs 619-594-6942 [email protected]
Technology Commercialization Alex DeNoble 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Telecommunications Bongsik Shin 619-594-2133 [email protected]
Thailand Business Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]
U.S. Stock Market Tony Cherin 619-992-5657 [email protected]
Use Tax Steve Gill 619-594-6273 [email protected]
Venture Capital Jaemin Kim 619-594-0206 Jaemin Kim
Workers Compensation Nathan Oestreich 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Workplace Conflict Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Workplace Discrimination Dan Eaton 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Workplace Discrimination Wendy Patrick 619-861-2112 [email protected]
Workplace Legal Issues Dan Eaton 619-594-0206 [email protected]
Workplace Legal Issues Seth Kaplowitz 858-345-7323 [email protected]