Frequently Asked Questions

Our teams have helped organizations explore new business opportunities, launch new products, explore new markets for existing products, develop pricing strategies, improve managerial effectiveness, create effective marketing campaigns, and much more, including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Operations analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Strategic human resource planning
  • Valuation strategy and structure
  • New product development
  • New market entry strategy
  • Distribution channel analysis
  • Comprehensive business plan
  • Social media strategies
Businesses and organizations propose a project by submitting an application. A fee of $6,000 per project is charged and used to offset program costs. Submissions are due three times a year.
We often have client companies submit more than one project. Submitting several projects that appeal to a range of student interest areas increases the likelihood that a student team will select one of the projects.

Fowler's graduate business program ranked 86th in the nation, putting it in the top 50 for public business schools and in the top 10 business schools in California. Graduate students typically have 3-5 years of work experience before entering graduate school.

MBA students conduct primary research such as focus groups, interviews,  and surveys in addition to reviewing secondary research.  The MBAs analyze the data, draw conclusions and make recommendations based on this primary research. 

Teams are created that are best suited for each project, but we always try to have at least some breadth of talent, experience and major area on each team.
The team will spend approximately 500 hours. 
Each project team will work with two faculty advisors. Typically, there is one lead advisor, the course’s lead instructor and an additional faculty member, the co-advisor. The role of faculty advisors is to act as a "sounding board" for the students and to provide limited guidance in the project’s execution. Faculty advisors must approve the project team’s letter of engagement, overall research plan and final written report. Clients typically interact with the advisors at the Kick-off Event and the final presentation but primarily with the students during the semester.
On average 10-12 hours over 3-4 months.