2010 SDSU CIBER Faculty Research Projects

Project Title Faculty Email
Beyond the cost: A study of off-shoring practices of SMEs Dr. Martina Musteen mmusteen@sdsu.edu
Modeling Software Piracy in Developed and Emerging Economies Dr. Bruce Reinig breinig@sdsu.edu
Entrepreneurial Cognition, Orientatin and Resource Investment: A Test of Boundary Conditions in the South Pacific Dr. Stern Neill sneill@calpoly.edu
International Networks and the "Born Global" Phenomenon: Evidence from a Transition Economy Dr. Martina Musteen mmusteen@sdsu.edu

2009 SDSU CIBER Faculty Research Projects

Project Title Faculty Email
Art and Design as Agents for Social Development, Enviromental Sustainability, and Cultural Identity Affirmation in Mexico Patricia Cue Couttolenc pcuecout@sdsu.edu
Understanding Social Entrepreneurship in the Indian Context Dr. Martina Musteen mmusteen@sdsu.edu
Dr. Chamu Sundamurthy csundara@sdsu.edu
Ownership structure and CEO compensation: Implications for the choice of foreign market entry mode Dr. Martina Musteen mmusteen@sdsu.edu
D. K. Datta  
P. Herrmann  
Diversity in Organizations: Where are we now, and where are we going? Dr. Beth Chung-Herrara Beth.Chung@sdsu.edu
Dr. Lyn Shore lshore@mail.sdsu
Dr. Michelle Dean Michelle.Dean@sdsu.edu
Dr. Karen Ehrhart kehrhart@sdsu.edu
Dr. Don Jung  
Dr. Amy Randel arandel@sdsu.edu
Dr. Gangaram Singh gsingh@sdsu.edu
The Association between Bank debt and Performance of Continental European Firms Dr. Victoria Krivogorsky vkrivogo@sdsu.edu
Dr. Gary Grudnitski grudnits@sdsu.edu
Supervised creation of a unique web portal to assist in the assembly and constructs of international business research Dr. Gangaram Singh gsingh@sdsu.edu

2008 SDSU CIBER Faculty Research Projects

Project Title Faculty Email
A discourse-based Comparative Student of the American and Chinese Conceptualization of Face: Implications for Business Chinese Education Ruey-Jiuan Regina Wu rwumail@sdsu.edu
Corporate Governance and Accounting in Europe: Are They Interconnected? Dr. Victoria Krivogorsky vkrivogo@sdsu.edu
Has the Byrd Ammendment Affected U.S. Imports? Dr. Thitima Puttitanun tputtita@sdsu.edu
The Effect of Corporate Scandals on the Reputational Value of Japanese Firms Dr. Joseph Tanimura John.Francis@sdsu.edu
International New Ventures: The cross-border nexus of individuals and opportunities Dr. Martina Musteen mmusteen@sdsu.edu
Dr. Di Gregorio  
D. E. Thomas  
A cross-culturan investigation of the goal attainment-liklihood construct and its effect on satisfaction with technology supported collaboration Dr. Bruce Reinig breinig@sdsu.edu
R. O. Briggs  
G. J. De Vreede  
The Implications of Amnesty on Remittance Flows: Evidence from Mexican Migrants Dr. Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes camuedod@sdsu.edu
Fifty Years of Change on the US-Mexico Border: Growth, Development, and Quality of Life Dr. Jim Gerber jgerber@sdsu.edu
Networks and SME internationalization: Facilitating and Constraining Factors Dr. Martina Musteen mmusteen@sdsu.edu
Dr. John D. Francis John.Francis@sdsu.edu
D. K. Datta  
e-Collaboration Satisfaction: Emprical Field Studies of Disconfirmation Theory Across Two Cultures Dr. Bruce Reinig breinig@sdsu.edu
R. O. Briggs  
G. J. De Vreede  
Transformation through Managing Projects Globally: A Case Study Dr. Y. Helio Yang hyang@sdsu.edu

2007 SDSU CIBER Faculty Research Projects

Project Title Faculty Email
Credit Derivatives and the 'Crunch' of 2007 Swaminathan Badrinath sbadrina@sdsu.edu
Sending employees abroad: Issues to consider in international human resource management Dr. Beth Chung-Herrera Beth.Chung@sdsu.edu
Dr. Karen H. Ehrhart kehrhart@sdsu.edu
Inter-temporal examination of the trading activities of foreign investors in the Korean stock market Dr. Jaemin Kim jkim@sdsu.edu

2006 SDSU CIBER Faculty Research Projects

Project Title Faculty Email
Household Migration, Remittance Receipt and Its Impact on Male and Female Employment Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes camuedod@sdsu.edu
Oaxaca Training and Research Program for Health Professionals Karen Jacqueline Coleman coleman@sdsu.edu
Cultural Influences on Service Failure and Recovery: Implications for Human Resource Management Karen Ehrhart kehrhart@sdsu.edu
Knowledge-Based and Market Influences on Ownership Strategies in International Acquisitions John Francis John.Francis@sdsu.edu
Improving Trust in e-Government through Paralingual web Design Murray Jennex Mjennex@sdsu.edu
Interaction Effects of Country Specific Characteristics and Internal Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Profitability Victoria Krivogorsky vkrivogo@sdsu.edu
Debates Surrounding the Recognition and Resumption of the English Debt in the 1880's Tom Passananti tpassana@sdsu.edu
Underwriter Reputations and Closely Held IPOs: Lessons for Family-Controlled Firms from Global Perspectives Kuntara Pukthuanthong kpukthua@sdsu.edu
An Evaluation of Accreditation Activities of Foreign Schools of Business and Commerce: A Survey of Academic Deans and Faculty Don Sciglimpaglia dsciglim@sdsu.edu
Managing an communicating Diversity: Impact on Organizational Effectiveness and Competitiveness Bey-Ling Sha bsha@sdsu.edu
Expand SDSU's Overseas Initiatives/Partnerships with Universities in India Gangaram Singh gsingh@sdsu.edu
An Evaluation of Accreditation Activities of Foreign Schools of Business and Commerce: A Survey of Academic Deans and Faculty Howard Toole htoole@sdsu.edu

2005 SDSU CIBER Faculty Research Projects

Project Title Faculty Email
Remittances and the Education of Children: The Dominican Case Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes camuedod@sdsu.edu
Knowledge Management in Ukraine Murray Jennex Mjennex@sdsu.edu
Call Centers, Gender, and Globalization: A Comparative Study Doreen Mattingly mattingl@sdsu.edu
The Role of Intellectual Property Rights on Ownership Structure of Multinational Firms Thitima Puttitanun tputtita@sdsu.edu
Understanding the Processes of Cultural Reappropriation in the Consumption of TM Programming Cristel Antonia Russell crussell@sdsu.edu
Strategic Business Marketing Developments in the New Europe: Retrospect and Prospect Massoud Saghafi msaghafi@sdsu.edu
Donald Sciglimpaglia dsciglim@sdsu.edu
The Conservation of Organizational Identities: How Multinational Organizations Survive in a Competitive World Bey-Ling Sha bsha@sdsu.edu

2004 SDSU CIBER Faculty Research Projects

Project Title Faculty Email
A Survey on the Determinants of Success for a Supplier Relationship Matt Aistrich  
Workers' Remittances and Business Ownership in the Dominican Republic Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes camuedod@sdsu.edu
Support for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Presentation Kyle Farmbry  
Development of a Survey Instrument for Measuring Characteristics of Successful Global Organizations Don Jung donjung@sdsu.edu
Use of Social Networks for Employment Purposes by Mexican Undocumented Migrants Kusum Mundra  
Impact of Different Imitation Risks on Entry Modes by Multinational Firms Thitima Puttitanun tputtita@sdsu.edu
Globalization of the Hollywood Industry: (How) Do European Consumers React to American Productions? Cristel Russel crussell@sdsu.edu
Management and Firm Performance in the Taiwanese Manufacturing Industry: The Moderating Role of a High Performance Work System, Strategy, and Strategy Making Mode Gangaram Singh gsingh@sdsu.edu
Corporate Governance in North America: The State of the Art Lori Verstegen Ryan Lori.Ryan@sdsu.edu
Modern Asian Cultures: A Study Abroad Program (in Thailand) Allen Wittenborn awitten@sdsu.edu