Recruiting SDSU College of Business Students

Posting Jobs and Internships

Paid jobs and internships for qualified organizations can be posted any time on Aztec Career Connection. Employers new to recruitment at SDSU will first need to register for an account on Aztec Career Connection. All new accounts are vetted by SDSU Career Services, and once approved can be used to post positions, schedule on-campus interviews, and register for career fairs.

Unpaid internships will only be posted if they are connected to academic credit. If your organization is interested in hiring students for an unpaid internship, please contact (f[email protected]) for details and requirements. Unpaid internships must comply with the Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act as well as numerous SDSU requirements.

Information Sessions and On-Campus Interviews

Information sessions and on-campus interviews are a great way for employers to bring their organization’s opportunities to Aztec students. If you are interested in giving a presentation or interviewing on campus, please contact Beverly Bracker ([email protected]) for more information.