Welcome to the Center for Accounting in the Public Interest

On this website you will find information relating to fraud and fraud awareness consisting of files available for viewing or download, videos, book listings and excerpts, and links to related websites. The search bar at the top of this page can be used to search for specific content. There is also a discussion board for discussion of the content and related topics. Updates can be viewed in an abbreviated format on the right side of this page, or in a full format on the updates page available on the navigation bar on the left side of the page. Information about donors to the CAPI project and the project team is available as well, however please refrain from contacting those individuals directly. Contact information for this website is available at the bottom of this page.

About the Center

The goal of the CAPI project is to create a digital library that will continue to evolve just as the financial arena continues to do so. The interactive content included in this library will include videos, links, book listings and excerpts, online discussions, and commentary from the faculty in charge of moderating the content posted. The faculty's predominant role is to ensure that content is relevant, reliable, and current. As members continue to share their knowledge online, their dedication to the project will allow them to become eligible "moderators." Similar to teacher's assistants, these moderators may undertake many of the tasks that faculty would routinely perform. Lastly, to guarantee the library is kept tidy, the content will be adequately organized and easily found. In the age of technology we live in, a digital library is the optimal choice that will deliver the most value to our students.