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SDSU Announces New Center For Advancing Global Business (CAGB)

San Diego State University’s Fowler College of Business announced today the creation of the Center for Advancing Global Business.

The purpose of the Center for Advancing Global Business (CAGB) at San Diego State University is to enhance the teaching, research, and service missions of the entire university. The newly created CAGB will serve as an umbrella center and house SDSU’s Center for International Business Education and Research (SDSU CIBER) program and Charles W. Hostler Institute on World Affairs.

“The CAGB represents the continuing and expanding global impact of business education at the Fowler College of Business,” said Lance Nail, Thomas & Evelyn Page Dean, Fowler College of Business. “Current and future graduates must understand the complexities of operating and interacting in a global environment. This center advances our college’s ability to continuously educate global business leaders – as students and as graduates.”

The mission of the Center for Advancing Global Business is to develop and disseminate business expertise and implement educational and outreach programs that address the challenges and opportunities of international business. The development of CAGB will allow the Center’s staff to engage in the broad initiatives that will impact students, faculty and the business community. In addition to coordinating and overseeing the existing activities of SDSU CIBER, the CAGB will engage in strategic initiatives including: student-oriented high-impact learning activities and cross-disciplinary research across the university.

Overall the CAGB’s activities will be aimed at impacting four broad groups of stakeholders: the University community of students and faculty; the San Diego region business community; global business practitioners and thought-leaders worldwide.

The Center for Advancing Global Business will continue SDSU CIBER’s longstanding tradition of serving the business community and San Diego region through seminars, workshops and conferences to help U.S. firms find new markets globally. Through the CAGB, these seminars will be expanded to include international firms and stakeholders seeking business connections in the U.S.

“Establishing the Center for Advancing Global Business allows us to draw on the reputation of SDSU CIBER as well as expand and enhance our many valued relationships,” said Mark Ballam, Managing Director, Center for Advancing Global Business. “With this new Center, we will have the ability to collaboratively create and offer a greater number of training and experiential learning opportunities to a diverse group of students and stakeholders.”