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College Recognizes Three Faculty Members as Outstanding Educators

The Fowler College of Business recently selected three veteran faculty members as recipients of the 2018 Teaching Excellence Awards.


Dr. Amy Randel, Dr. Lori Ryan and Christine Probett were recognized as outstanding educators by the Fowler College of Business

Management information systems lecturer (MIS), Christine Probett; management professor, Amy Randel; and management, professor, Lori Ryan were chosen by the college’s Faculty Development Committee to receive the annual awards. The faculty members selected were chosen based on their “demonstrated command of their subject matter, skill in organizing and delivering materials, and incorporation of ethical and global perspectives” into their teaching agendas.

Dr. Amy Randel

San Diego native, Amy Randel, is a noted expert in the field of organizational behavior, which she has taught at SDSU since 2005. She has earned a reputation with her students as being passionate and well-versed about her subject matter, and for her willingness to involve her students in meaningful discussions during her classroom lectures.

“It's an honor to be recognized with this teaching award since there are so many great teacher-scholars in the Fowler College of Business," she stated.

In addition to undergraduate courses she teaches each fall and spring, Randel leads the Organizational Behavior & Leadership (BA 624) class in SDSU’s Sports Management MBA program during the spring semester.

Dr. Lori Ryan

If you asked her colleagues to describe Lori Ryan in one word, most of them would use the word “passionate.” Ryan has a well-earned reputation as an advocate for the study and teaching of business ethics and corporate governance.  She works not only to instill that same passion in her own classrooms, but has also developed the business ethics program that touches every undergraduate and MBA student in the Fowler College.

“Every undergraduate learns a business ethics approach and vocabulary by watching my business ethics videos and every student in the MBA program takes my business ethics module.  I’m incredibly lucky to be able to reach so many students concerning a subject that I feel so strongly about,” said Ryan. “I am delighted to be honored with a Teaching Excellence award for doing something that I genuinely believe in.”

In addition to coordinating the college’s business ethics and corporate governance area, Ryan is the director of SDSU’s Corporate Governance Institute, which works to advance responsible corporate governance practices worldwide.

Christine Probett

MIS lecturer, Christine Probett, has been presented with nearly every student-chosen award or honor for which she’s been eligible in her 12 years of teaching, including Most Influential Professor (six times), Mortar Board Outstanding Faculty Member (seven times), Quest for the Best Faculty Honoree (four times), Associated Students’ Outstanding Faculty Member (2012) and Faculty Advisor of the Year (2012). Probett is known among students for her passion for teaching, “real-world” examples and her commitment to student success.

“Given how many excellent teachers there are at the Fowler College of Business, I am truly humbled and honored to be a recipient of this award,” said Probett. “As a former SDSU student myself, it is important that we give our students the very best knowledge and academic resources possible, which makes being named an ‘Outstanding Educator’ so meaningful to me.”

Probett, who served as the assistant dean in the Fowler College of Business from 2012 to 2014, is a triple Aztec having earned bachelor’s degrees in history and aerospace engineering, as well as her Executive MBA at SDSU. She was also honored with an Alumni Award of Distinction (formerly known as “The Monty Award”) in 2017.