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MIS Students Offer Defined Solutions to Real-World Business Challenges

The students in the management information systems (MIS) classes taught by Dr. David Meader and Dr. Kaveh Abhari (MIS 306, Systems Analysis) during the fall of 2017 had the opportunity to put their classroom skills to the test in real-world situations.

Better, Faster, Cheaper
“One of our primary teaching approaches is an experimental field project where student teams work with a local organization to redesign a business process so that it becomes faster, better and/or cheaper,” explained Meader. “In this way, they apply everything they’re learning in the classroom to a real world situation and this gives them a project they can point to as they interview for career positions. It also supports local organizations who might otherwise not easily get access to this expertise.”

Sharing it With an Audience
To showcase their work with the organizations, the students were required to complete a poster and a technical proposal detailing their solution. They presented their poster and discussed their work with the businesses to an audience that included their clients, classmates, information technology professionals in the San

SDSU MIS Students Display Their Poster

MIS students display the poster they created for their project

Diego community and the MIS advisory board in an information session held on December 15, 2017 at Montezuma Hall in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.

Students were required to estimate key performance measurements, such as cost, benefits and efficiency, so that they could justify their proposed solutions during their presentation. The performance measures also figured prominently into the students’ final grade.

Starting the Process
Optifuse, an El Cajon-based manufacturer and marketer of fuses, fuse holders and circuit breakers, was one of the small organizations featured at this year’s event. Jim Kalb, the company’s founder and president, learned of the class project through student, Christopher Reyes, who was on another SDSU student project for Optifuse during the spring 2017 semester.

“We had several pending projects, but after meeting with Christopher, we agreed that an online application that allows an engineer from a customer (or a potential new customer) to create a custom fuse holder would be appropriate for this class project,” said Kalb.

After interviewing Kalb and researching the necessary components to complete the applications, the team provided Optifuse with the technical data needed to build the application. They were able to determine the application’s requirements, architecture, costs and benefits, which they showcased in their poster and presentation.

Taking it to the Next Level
But the project is not finished yet. “It is my hope that the same team or a more advanced class can take up where this team left off,” said Kalb. “In the end, I want a finished application that I can implement to help my company grow.”

Kalb may not have long to wait. The chair of the MIS department, Dr. Bruce Reinig, will suggest that some of the student teams in MIS 481 (E-Business/Web Development) implement the real-world projects initiated by the 306 teams in the coming months.

List of the winning student team projects (student names in parentheses):

MIS Advisory Board Best Overall Project Award Certificate

  • Paseo Bistro - Aramark (Mathew Webb, Nuri Egor Sayir, Sean Osterling, and Trey Colson)

 MIS Department Best Poster Award Certificate

  • YMCA Smart Non-Member Management System (Marianna Brunker, Andrew Moews, Adoril Oshana, and Jason Phipps)

 MIS Department Innovative Technology Award Certificates 

  • Mpoly: Blockchain-Based Hiring System (Benjamin Derr, Joseph Ellis, Lance Cameron, and Maksymilian Lisin)
  • Junior Achievement Donor Engagement System (Aaron Seals, Abby LeMaster, Alejandro Diaz, and Harry Robles Alcazar)
  • ProPlay: Youth Sports Analytics System (Edward Reeves, Shabib Alajmi, Violet Choi, and Zachary Meszaros) 

Insightful Process Analysis Award Certificate

  • Mattress Makers Inventory System (Arie-El Paamoni, Jason Carrillo, Kelly Gumpel, Kenia Estrada Fabian)
  • Bitcoin Payment System for SDSU Bookstore (Alexander Salcedo, Moe Bruenjes, Trevor Roos, and Tyrelle Adams)

Community Impact Award Certificate 

  • San Diego Blood Bank Information System (Amy Witt, Guillermo Carrillo, Joel Harina, Kinsey Otto, and Lauren Gudino) 

Campus Impact Award Certificate 

  • SDSUit: NLP-enabled Mobile App for the SDSU ETS Help Desk (Jennifer Nguyen, Kevin Cleavinger, Mitchell Grannis, Mustafa Abdulwahid, and Sawanee Kam)

 Persuasive Presentation Award Certificate

  • Bitcoin Payment System for SDSU Bookstore (Alexander Salcedo, Moe Bruenjes, Trevor Roos, and Tyrelle Adams)
  • Paseo Bistro - Aramark (Mathew Webb, Nuri Egor Sayir, Sean Osterling, and Trey Colson)