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TEDx Comes to SDSU

MIS lecturer, Christine Probett, speaks at a recent TEDx event

SDSU TEDx licensee, Christine Probett

Most people are familiar with TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), the media organization that distributes online content under the slogan “Ideas worth spreading.”  However, fewer are familiar with TEDx conferences, which are independent TED-like events that can be organized by anyone who obtains a license from TED for non-profit TEDx events.

Prior to 2017, TEDx events were presented at SDSU, but they were limited to a maximum of 100 attendees, per TED rules.  In order to overcome this obstacle, Christine Probett, an MIS lecturer at the Fowler College of Business and former assistant dean, applied for, and received, $4,385 from the SDSU President’s Leadership Fund to attend an official TED event (TEDWomen 2016 in San Francisco) to became a TEDx licensee.  Probett is now able to host TEDx events without the 100-person limit and in January 2017, a group of motivated students from across campus formed a new student organization (“TEDxSDSU”) with Probett as the faculty advisor.

The first large-scale TEDxSDSU event was held on April 9, 2017 in SDSU’s Montezuma Hall with the theme “Countdown” and featured five speakers, several entertainers and was enjoyed by 310 paid attendees and almost 60 guests, sponsors and volunteers.   

TEDxSDSU 2018 will be held on March 10, 2018 with the theme “Pattern Disruption” and the speaker selection goal is to feature SDSU student, faculty, staff and alumni speakers, in addition to others from the broader San Diego community.  

The TEDxSDSU team plans to nurture and grow the conference to become an annual SDSU hallmark event.