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SDSU MBA Students Earn Entrepreneur’s Choice Award

Entrepreneur's Choice Award WinnersThe eight-person MBA student team from SDSU who participated in the western regional Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) on February 3, 2017 was declared the winning team of the Entrepreneur’s Choice award.

The VCIC showcases small entrepreneurs vying for investment capital who must pitch their business plan to teams of MBA students, who simulate the roles of venture capitalists. After the pitches, the student teams talk with each entrepreneur to review their business plan, offer suggestions, and choose which entrepreneur they would most be inclined to fund. This is all done under the watchful eyes of real-life venture capitalists who act as judges. After the student teams offer their feedback to the entrepreneurs and choose who they would fund, the teams then must convince the VCs/judges as to why the entrepreneur of their choice was the best investment risk.

The Entrepreneur’s Choice award is chosen by the real-life startup entrepreneurs who participated in the western regional event which was held this year in Boulder, Colorado. The winner was chosen based on the interaction between the entrepreneurs and the student teams regarding the entrepreneurs’ business plans.

The second award given out was given to the overall competition winner, Brigham Young University (BYU), who was given first place by the VC panel as having the best overall presentation. It is BYU that will move on to the national finals.

There are 12 regional events that are held in the U.S., Asia and Europe with the global finals held this year in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.