Gabriel Torres (’15, management)
U.S. Army

 Gabriel TorresGabriel Torres was enlisted in the U.S. Army prior to, and during, his first year at SDSU and was a cadet in university’s ROTC program. He continues to serve as an officer in the Army Reserve.

Highest Rank: Second Lieutenant

Current Position: Sales District Leader Designate at Pepsico for the Frito-Lay brand.

Favorite SDSU Faculty Member: My favorite professor at SDSU was Tita Gray (assistant dean for the College of Business) for her ability to share personal stories related to the course concepts and her willingness to let the class discussions evolve into meaningful dialogue.

The Most Valuable Lesson Learned at SDSU: The most valuable lesson I learned at SDSU, was the belief that the education I was receiving was second to none. The assurance from all professors and staff really helped give me a sense of confidence when it came time to find a career. And I can attest that it made a huge difference in my life and my family's life.