Danelle Hauther (’15, Sports Business MBA)
U.S. Coast Guard

 Danielle HautherPrior to earning her sports business MBA at SDSU, Danelle Hauther served ten years in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves, being deployed for four years. Now in her 12th year in the reserves, she is currently a search and rescue coxswain and training petty officer.

Highest Rank: First Class Petty Officer

Current Position: Event Manager at the Oregon Convention Center

Favorite SDSU Faculty Member: My favorite was Dr. Bruce Reinig. We had the same academic interests and sense of humor. It was great to go to a class to learn from someone who is so knowledgeable and well-spoken.

The Most Valuable Lesson Learned at SDSU: The Most Valuable Lesson Learned at SDSU: Collaboration is important, but everyone has different strengths. Sometimes you end up learning the most from those classmates who are the most different from you.