Nathaniel Donnelly (’13, MBA)
U.S. Marine Corps

 Nathaniel DonnellyDouble Aztec Nathaniel Donnelly (he also has a B.A. from SDSU in international security and conflict resolution) was one of the driving forces in starting what is now The Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center on the SDSU campus and working as the center’s veteran coordinator for over seven years. He enrolled at SDSU after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and shortly thereafter, became the founding president of the Student Veteran Organization. He is currently the executive VP of SDSU’s Veteran Alumni Organization.

Highest Rank: Sergeant

Current Position: Real estate professional at the La Mesa office of Keller Williams

Favorite SDSU Faculty Member: Dr. G. Allen Greb, program advisor and coordinator for SDSU’s international security and conflict resolution program, teaches an amazing class, spends all of his free time counseling students and does his administrative work in the wee hours of the morning.

The Most Valuable Lesson Learned at SDSU: Anything is possible – and I truly mean anything. If you just keep your eye on the prize and make every single decision toward achieving that prize, anyone can go as far as they want to.