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SDSU Senior Secures Her Legacy Out Loud

Madisyn Prior

San Diego State management/entrepreneurship junior, Madisyn Prior, has been selected by the administrators of SDSU’s Lavin Entrepreneurship Center to take part in the inaugural Legacy Out Loud program.

Legacy Out Loud sets out to inspire, empower and give confidence to young women to think and act entrepreneurially and become leaders of their generation. The program pairs talented women students attending the nation’s colleges and universities with a network of professional women involved with the industry aligned with the students’ chosen career path. The program consists of a series of email courses where the professional women mentor the students by answering questions they may have about a chosen profession and, eventually, helping them attain experiential learning opportunities such as an internship, work study or a job interview.

Madisyn is interested in entrepreneurship and is already involved in creating a gender-neutral fashion line of clothing and accessories. “For the very first time, I will have the opportunity to be surrounded and to interact with women developing companies who are still in their early twenties,” she observed. “I have found support for young female entrepreneurs at the college level to be scarce and Legacy Out Loud offers solutions that provide female entrepreneurship guidance, encouragement and community. Of course, I had to get involved.”

"All of the women in the program can learn from each other and apply that knowledge to our own strategies in trending markets.

The Legacy Out Loud program kicked off its very first cohort with 14 women students from eight different college campuses located throughout the United States. Most of the students will meet each other for the first time at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event held at the United Nations complex in New York City on November 19, 2015.

“All of the women in the program can learn from each other and apply that knowledge to our own strategies in trending markets,” said Madisyn. “Being surrounded by entrepreneurial women focused on personal growth and global change is inspiring and I’m confident that it will act as a significant stepping stone for me as I strive to become a leader that will impact the lives of others in a BIG way.”