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Perfect Pitch

Have you ever made an impulse purchase on something you saw advertised on social media? Do you know anyone who bought something they saw in an infomercial?

If you’ve answered “yes” to either question, you’re familiar with the impact of successful direct marketing.

And if you’re planning to embark on a career in direct marketing, there is believed to be only one course in the U.S. that teaches “how to sell” as part of a standard university degree curriculum. SDSU’s marketing 380 course (direct marketing methods) was created, and is currently taught, by Steven Osinski who also proposed the course and worked with the administrators of SDSU’s College of Business to add the course into the curriculum.


Direct marketing class SDSU steven osinski“Prior to teaching at SDSU, I established a successful direct marketing advertising agency called the SMART Group, so I was familiar with the industry,” said Osinski. “I introduced the idea and worked with the administration at the College of Business to develop the course. It debuted within the university’s marketing curriculum in the spring of 2008 on a trial basis and became an ‘official’ course in the fall of 2011.”

Osinski says that unlike brand marketing, direct marketing focuses on generating measurable responses from customers. “This industry is very lucrative and growing,” said Osinski. “This is the facet of advertising that truly and quantitatively generates sales and makes money for businesses and I teach students the skills and knowledge they can take into the professional marketplace.”

So the next time you buy something from an infomercial, a social media message or an offer you found in your mailbox, you’ll know you were influenced by a savvy direct marketer.