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Spencer Mathey - Cape Town - SAWhile Mathey was a sophomore, he made the decision to embark on a study abroad program at the University of Stellenbosch located approximately 20 miles east of Cape Town. He chose to study overseas because “I heard the experiences of friends and family that had studied abroad and how much fun they had immersing themselves into a culture they were not accustomed to while attending a university and getting a great education,” he said.Redlands, California native Spencer Mathey (’12, management) is a second generation Aztec who came to SDSU based on the good reputation of SDSU’s business school and because San Diego was “far enough away from my hometown, but still close enough for me to go home to visit.”

Mathey went to Stellenbosch because his father’s family lives in South Africa and, since he speaks Afrikaans, he chose a five-month program where some of the classes were taught in English half the time and Afrikaans the other half.

"Studying overseas allowed me to develop a much deeper appreciation of the world and what it had to offer. "

He says the study abroad program was well worth his time: “Studying overseas allowed me to develop a much deeper appreciation of the world and what it had to offer. The experience offered me a huge advantage in expanding my ‘business savy’ and I made some unforgettable memories and solid relationships (both personal and business) that I still have to this day.“

Mathey noted that today’s SDSU students will get the most from their study abroad experiences if they are willing to be open-minded. “Some American students limit themselves and their potential when they study abroad because they expected things in other countries to be “like America” he said. “To have a successful experience, you need the willingness to accept things and situations to which you’re not accustomed. But, if you have a passion for new experiences, love exploring new cultures and furthering your education, study abroad will offer you those opportunities, plus so much more!”Those business relationships may come in handy. Mathey is a budding entrepreneur and an acrobat (“a generalist”) at Le Rêve – The Dream, an aquatic show that is currently playing the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. “I grew up performing acrobatics and I am always tested to come up with new movements, choreography and skills,” said Mathey, who specialized in entrepreneurship while he was at SDSU. “I am currently working on a project right now that will – hopefully – turn into a profitable venture.”