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EMBA XXIV Takes On A Tough Mudder Event


Fourteen of SDSU’s 39 EMBA XXIV students participated in the Tough Mudder team-building event held in Temecula, Calif. on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

Tough Mudder events are designed by British Special Forces to challenge teams in areas of physical and mental endurance over a 10 – 12 mile, 20-obstacle course. Obstacles often include water, ropes, walls, electrocution, and, of course, mud.

The organizer of the EMBA XXIV team is student Caleb Queern. “Honestly, I expected only a small handful of students to be interested, so the fact that over a third of class chose to participate was a testament to the character of SDSU’s EMBA program,” he said.

“I thought Tough Mudder might be a great team building exercise since one strategic goal of the EMBA program is to create a community of tightly-knit business professionals in the San Diego community,” said Queern. “SDSU’s EMBA program itself was excellent preparation for the challenges we faced in the Tough Mudder. Not all learning is done in the classroom and SDSU Executive MBAs get the job done!”