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In order to give San Diego State University’s business students a significant advantage in the highly competitive job market, SDSU’s College of Business Administration will be rolling out an updated curriculum in the graduate program in the fall of 2014 and undergraduate program in the fall of 2015.

Ensuring student success and increasing their value to perspective employers is the primary objective in the undergraduate curriculum enhancement. All students pursuing bachelor’s degrees will be required to complete the Foundations of Business in a Global Environment (BA310) course which provides insight on the rapidly evolving state of global business and introduces students to the Business Passport system.

The innovative Business Passport system requires all undergraduates to complete a series of professional development activities in areas of:

  • SDSU StudentsCommunications
  • Career development
  • Ethics, service learning and community engagement
  • Global perspective
  • Leadership and teamwork

Eligible activities can range from an internship to an overseas study program and are designed to offer students relevant, hands-on business experience. Once the Business Passport activities are completed, each student develops an electronic portfolio which details their activities along with a professional resume.

“Curriculum innovation is critical for keeping research and teaching in sync with the expectations of the global business environment,” said Dr. Dennis Cradit, dean at SDSU’s College of Business Administration. “Setting clear student learning outcomes helps us deliver the core curriculum, while high-impact learning systems, such as the Business Passport, allow us to address the realities of the marketplace.”

The Graduate Curriculum

Topics on business ethics and governance, decision making, and information management will be emphasized throughout the curriculum and a new three-unit business strategy course (BA 630) has been developed to provide in-depth examination of those specific topics and to reinforce management skills.The college’s graduate curriculum is evolving as well thanks to an extensive three-year examination that included results from the AACSB Assurance of Learning (AOL) process, recruiter input, an alumni survey and benchmarking SDSU’s graduate program against M.B.A. programs offered at the 50 highest ranked graduate business programs in the U.S.

Finally, a new capstone course – (BA796) – has been added to the list of completion (culminating) options available to M.B.A. students with significant work experience. Students opting for BA796 will develop a strategic case analysis and solution mechanism for a specific business challenge.

“Feedback from the business community is clear that student leadership talents are essential and we’ve ramped up our focus on those skills in our updated curriculum,” said Cradit. “Our primary objective is to offer students more flexibility in choosing their career path and give them a more focused study program.”