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Researchers Document Need for Inclusion in the Workplace


iido sdsuThe research of five professors of management at San Diego State University has consistently shown that inclusion in the workplace leads to measureable benefits for organizations. This is especially important for organizations that have a diverse work force (in terms of race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc.).

Professors Beth Chung, Michelle Dean, Karen Ehrhart, Amy Randel, and Lynn Shore formed the Institute for Inclusiveness & Diversity in Organizations (IIDO) for the purpose of researching inclusion in the workplace, including how organizational leaders interact with diverse employees. The group gathered data from over 2000 employees in various types of work organizations. Their preliminary work addresses how an inclusive climate and inclusive leadership contribute to employees' perceptions of being included in their work groups, which increase job performance, job satisfaction, intentions to stay, and employee creativity. Furthermore, the group's research has indicated that leader inclusiveness, when combined with an organizational climate focused on diversity, can benefit an organization by increasing employees' willingness to help and mentor each other on the job. According to Lynn Shore, co-director of IIDO, inclusive leaders are able to communicate that all employees are valued regardless of their demographic background.

"Diversity is no longer simply a buzzword," said Shore. "It's a reality. The workforce and the general population are becoming more diverse in terms of new entrants. Companies are asking for guidance about how to engage in leadership that is inclusive to all employees."

"Organizational leaders who include diversity and inclusiveness as part of their company strategy have put themselves in a good position to prepare for the future of their company." - Dr. Lynn M. Shore, IIDO co-director

For more information on the IIDO or to discuss the possibility of participating in the IIDO's research to realize the benefits of inclusion for your own workplace, please contact Dr. Beth Chung ([email protected]).

Visit the Institute for Inclusiveness & Diversity in Organizations (IIDO) website.