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Enrique Schulz headshot

Enrique Schulz, ’19, MBA

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

“Pursuing the MBA program at SDSU Fowler College of Business has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. The program prepared me with the skills essential for a career in management consulting at Deloitte. In particular, professors are very attentive to each student and provide the tools required to make the best of our education. In addition, the university staff provides very valuable resources for career engagement opportunities as well as alumni networking. Finally, my classmates in the program know the importance of collaboration and teamwork. We all had very diverse backgrounds, which truly allowed me to explore and understand other industries in society.”

Shruti Namjoshi headshot

Shruti Namjoshi, '19, MBA

Analyst, Information Lifecycle Management

"After working in the technology industry for several years, I wished to switch my career track to being a techno-functional resource who understands both technology and business. When I decided to pursue my MBA from San Diego State University, it helped me build my career profile just the way I wanted it to be. The variety of subjects and techniques employed by the university in the MBA program developed my personality and helped me gain a deeper understanding on different topics. The professors and advisors have been very understanding, encouraging and supportive and have always guided me along the way!"

Liam Sharkey headshot

Liam Sharkey, '19, MBA

Events Manager, San Diego Bowl Game Association

"The MBA program at SDSU was the best investments of time and money I have made in my career. With a non-business undergraduate degree, the combination of comprehensive core courses and real world experience gained over the two years was very beneficial for my career transition. Shortly after graduation I was offered a great job with a non-profit I interned for during the program. I could not be happier with my decision to become an Aztec!" 

Viktorija Dorfan headshot

Viktorija Dorfan, ‘17, MSA

Incoming Audit Associate, KPMG

“The MSA program at SDSU has changed and shaped my career from the first semester. Resources like professional mentorship and job fairs exclusive to SDSU students allowed me to step into the front lines with the best employers in the country. In my case, that resulted in having a full-time job lined up upon graduation. My decision to attend SDSU for graduate school has certainly yielded a high return on my investment!”

Dominic Lucq headshot

Dominic Lucq, ‘14, SMBA

Manager, Partnership Sales, Golden State Warriors

“SDSU’s Sports MBA Program succeeds due to the institutional support students receive from program administration and professors who strive to provide real world application to curriculum.”

Mayank Kapoor headshot

Mayank Kapoor, '19, MSIS

IS Business Analyst, Amgen

"The MSIS program at SDSU has given me a lot more than I expected. I chose to pursue this degree at SDSU because the program covered a wide range of areas that I had some experience in, but wanted to expand upon. It provided me with the credentials and acumen to pursue my aspirations in the tech industry, which tremendously helped me get a job right after graduating as a Business Systems Analyst in the top Biotech company - Amgen. I really enjoyed the MSIS program at SDSU. Studying with other students from all over the world and a wide variety of professional backgrounds was a great experience for me. The small class sizes, group projects, career fairs, in-class interactions and phenomenal support from the professors was extremely valuable.”

Christopher Quinley

Christopher Quinley, '19, MSBA

Certified Financial Planner(TM) Professional, Liang & Quinley Wealth Management

"Getting my Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) with a concentration in Financial & Tax Planning has helped me in my career tremendously. It demonstrates to my clients I’ve taken the additional step to provided the highest level of financial planning recommendations possible. I’ve received great feedback from my clients and I’m grateful SDSU has a Masters degree specifically designed for financial planners."

Alessandro Vomero headshot

Alessandro Vomero, '19, MSIS

Search Language Specialist, QA Engineer, Google

"The day I decided to start the MSIS program at San Diego State University is the day I accepted one of the biggest challenges of my life. Starting a new life, with new people, new languages (both spoken and programming), far from family and lifetime affects was scary and overwhelming. During my time at SDSU I never felt abroad and thanks to the faculty members, classmates, and students I always had the support I needed especially in difficult moments. All the challenges and the struggle paired with the support received made me feel proud of being an Aztec and drove me to work in a world class tech company."

Rupal Jain headshot

Rupal Jain, '16, MSIS 

"Enriching – that’s how my SDSU experience has been! Getting MSIS from SDSU has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. While working as a technical professional, I felt the need to improve myself on the business side of things and that’s when I decided to further my education. Not only did SDSU made me business wise but also taught me life skills much needed to perform my best even under the most stressful situations in the real world. I am so glad I had the best career management center I could have asked for. They were always available to help in all and any way they could. I cannot be thankful enough for all my teachers. Truly an all-inclusive, diverse culture providing high-quality learning with ample opportunities for extra-curriculars. I loved my time at SDSU."

Monish Thakore headshot

Monish Thakore, '19, MSIS

"I was positive that the MSIS program provided by Fowler College of Business would help me excel in my career and now I could say that it definitely did! The MSIS degree has given me the power of knowledge to excel in my life and career in the field of Business Analytics. The value it has created for me is immense and it landed me my current job of being a Consultant. My advice to current students is just one word – Networking! I cannot tell you how important it is. Go to each and every event organized by Fowler College of Business or by SDSU, make connections, and more importantly be in touch with the people you network with. Apart from the university events, join Meetups related to your field/career. It will help you meet people in your field and will also help you gain knowledge about the real problems out there in your field."