SDSU CIBER Program Receives $1.26 Million Grant to Advance Global Business

SDSU's Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) received a federal grant of more than $1.25 million to be disbursed over the next four years. Combined with matching funds contributed by SDSU, this will equal roughly $630,000 annually.

With this designation as a national center of excellence, SDSU CIBER is one of only 15 centers nationwide and one of two located in California. Its activities include providing grants to fund faculty research and opportunities for students to study abroad; outreach and development programs for the business community; training programs for language and business faculty from institutions across the country; and a variety of innovative activities which impact interdisciplinary education in the U.S. and further the CIBER mandate to enhance U.S. business competitiveness worldwide.

“With this funding, SDSU CIBER will continue to set a standard for educational excellence in international business among our nation’s universities and graduates,” said Congresswoman Susan Davis, a senior member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. “Their emphasis on language and cultural education, as well as business and economics, is one of the main reasons why CIBER is such an important national resource.”

The CIBER program, which launched at SDSU in 1989, operates within the Fowler College of Business while serving the entire university through cross-disciplinary collaboration. It supports SDSU’s undergraduate international business major, one of the largest such programs in the U.S. The major has been ranked in the top 15 nationally for the past nine years by U.S. News & World Report and is a joint program between the Fowler College of Business and the College of Arts and Letters.

“SDSU CIBER has outlined an innovative blueprint to enhance international business education and leverage the strengths of SDSU’s business, area studies and language programs,” said Dr. Martina Musteen, SDSU CIBER Faculty Director and Principal Investigator on the SDSU CIBER grant.  “Leveraging our institutional strengths of entrepreneurship, internationalization and diversity, along with our regional strengths of bi-national collaboration and knowledge clusters, we find ourselves uniquely positioned to strategically address today’s global challenges.”

“San Diego is on the edge of the Pacific Rim and shares a border with Tijuana and Mexicali — an ideal position that has made our region one of the top emerging regions in the world. Our city is thriving in diverse fields like communications, environmental and biomedical research, software and electronics manufacturing, and they all involve international trade,” said Fowler College of Business Dean Lance Nail.

 “The CIBER funding will help SDSU continue to rise as a leading national university.” said SDSU CIBER Managing Director Mark J. Ballam. “The SDSU CIBER initiatives integrate international education into our highly ranked business programs, and positively impacts other disciplines across our campus. A snapshot of these initiatives include export training, stackable nanodegrees, targeted international business research, and cross-border business consulting projects.”