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SDSU Interdisciplinary Business Society
Provides students from all majors with solid career resources

What do you want to do when you graduate? It’s an easy question, but not always an easy answer.

That is the dilemma that accounting major Dylan Burke and management major Isaac Christian faced when they attempted to get involved in campus organizations. “We knew we wanted to get involved in a business organization, but did not know which emphasis best suited our interests,” said Burke. “Every business club we looked into focused on a specific field of business, but we did not know exactly what we wanted to do. We were looking for a club that provided us with the resources to help us find our niche.”

After speaking to friends and people in their dormitory, they realized that they weren’t alone in their quandary and it prompted Burke and Christian to form their own group: The SDSU Interdisciplinary Business Society. “Business is such a diverse field and few people actually know what each emphasis entails,” explained Burke. “Our club focuses on one emphasis for each meeting by bringing in different business professionals to discuss their areas of specialization.”

"Our club’s objective is to create an environment for business students to enhance their knowledge of all facets of the business world."

The SDSU Interdisciplinary Business Society is one of the campus’ newest organizations having formed during spring semester of 2015. The club is open to all SDSU students and by the time group held their first meeting during the fall semester, they already had 60 members in their ranks.

“Our club’s objective is to create an environment for business students to enhance their knowledge of all facets of the business world,” said Burke. To facilitate this all-encompassing ideology, the club has planned activities that give members a peek inside of various business operations such as behind-the-scenes visits with the San Diego Padres at Petco Park and the San Diego Gulls at Valley View Casino Center. They are also working on initiating a fund-raising event, engaging members in a stock market game and continuing to connect with local business professionals for career guidance.

Said Burke: “We want to expose our members to multiple business specializations including entrepreneurship, management, marketing and finance - not only to help our members ignite a passion in one of these fields, but to approach the business world with an interdisciplinary perspective.”

 SDSU Interdisciplinary Business Society group photo

From the left: Kendyll Woolsey, Issac Christian, Troy Owens, Ben Delbick, Dylan Burke, Mark Skeans (not pictured: Mallory DeAvila)