Headshot of Ning Tang, Ph.D.

Ning Tang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Finance Department


Ning Tang is an assistant professor in Department of Finance, College of Business Administration. Dr. Tang's research mainly focuses on household portfolio choice, investment behavior, pension and benefit plan design, insurance and risk management. Her recent research includes evaluating the efficiency of sponsor and participant portfolio choices in 401(k) plans, trading behavior of pension plan participants in recent financial crisis, and the design of life-cycle funds. Her paper has been accepted by Journal of Public Economics. After completing the Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science in the University of Hong Kong, she pursued and obtained the Master and Ph.D. degree in the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Interests: Finance (Personal)  Pensions 

  • Ph.D., The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Applied Economics.
  • B.S. The University of Hong Kong, Actuarial Science.
  • Tang, N. (forthcoming). Like Father Like Son - How Does Parents' Financial Behavior Affect Their Children's Financial Behavior?. Journal of Consumer Affairs, forthcoming.
  • Tang, N., Baker, A. (forthcoming). Self-Esteem, Financial knowledge and Financial Behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, forthcoming.
  • Tang, N. (2016). The Overlooked Momentum Traders in 401(k) Plans. Financial Services Review, Vol. 25 (1), 51-72.
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  • Lu, J., Tang, N. (2015) Social Interaction Effects and Individual Portfolio Choice: Evidence from 401(k) Pension Plan Investors. Southwestern Financial Association 2015 conference, Houston, TX (Presenter)
  • Tang, N. (2015) Financial Services Review (Associate Editor).
  • Tang, N., Lu, J. (2014). Are Your Clients Making the Right Loan Choice?. Journal of Financial Planning, Vol. 27 (10), 39-47.
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  • Tang, N., Mitchell, O., Utkus, S. (2012) Reshaping Retirement Security: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis. In Trading in 401(k) Plans during the Financial Crisis. 1. Oxford University Press.
  • Lachance, M., Tang, N. (2012). Financial Advice and Trust. Financial Services Review, Vol. 21 (3), 209-226.
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  • Tang, N., Mitchell, O., Utkus, S. (2011) Trading in 401(k) Plans during the Financial Crisis. Pension Research Council Symposium, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (Presenter)
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  • Associate Editor, Financial Services Review
  • University Senate Library Committee
  • Financial Planning Association SDSU Student Chapter faculty advisor

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