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Heather Honea

Heather Honea, Ph.D.

Chair/Associate Professor

Marketing Department


Heather Honea completed her doctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley. Currently, Dr. Honea is an Associate Professor at the San Diego State University College of Business Administration and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Integrated Marketing Communications.

Interests: Marketing (New Media)  Marketing (Digital)  Business (Sustainable) 

  • Ph.D., University California at Berkeley.
  • Peter, P. C., Honea, H. Emotional Intelligence, Behavioral Procrastination, and Online (Over)consumption. Online consumer behavior: theory and research in social media advertising and e-tail, V2. Routledge/ Psychology Press.
  • Peter, P., Honea, H. (2012). Targeting Social Messages with Emotions of Change: The Call for Optimism. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Vol. 31 (2), 269-283.
  • Honea, H. (2011). Motivational Determinant of Transportation into Marketing Narratives. Journal of Consumer Psychology.
  • Honea, H. (2011). The Power of Plain: Intensifying Product Experience with Neutral Aesthetic Context. Marketing Letters.
  • Honea, H. (2008). Do We Judge a Book by its Cover and a Product by its Package? How Affective Expectations are Contrasted and Assimilated into the Consumption Experience. Advances in Consumer Research.
  • Honea, H. (2007). 1=2: When Singular Experience Leads to Dissociated Evaluations. Journal of Consumer Psychology.

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