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Fred Raafat

Feraidoon (Fred) Raafat, Ph.D.


Management Information Systems Department,Online Degree Completion (BSBA)

Interests: IT (Operations)  Product (Inventory Control) 

  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, Industrial Engineering & Management.
  • Raafat, F. (2017). Mobile Printing Market. Vancouver, Canada: Western Decision Sciences Institute.
  • Raafat, F. (forthcoming) Co-Advisor -BA 795.
  • Raafat, F. (2015) A Case Study in Streamlining Material Management. CSUPOM, Northridge, CA (Coauthor & Presenter)
  • Raafat, F. (2015) In Search of Souls – Identifying Characteristics of Gamers. Western Decision Sciences, Maui, Hawaii (Coauthor)
  • Raafat, F. (2015) Situation Analysis for a Start-up Company in Saudi Arabia. CSUPOM, Northridge (Coauthor & Presenter)
  • Raafat, F. (2015) Member of the Board, CSCMP San Diego/Baja.
  • Raafat, F., Salehizadeh, M. (2012). Exchange Rates, U.S. Import Prices and Anti-Dumping Measures. The International Trade Journal, Vol. 26 (5), 436-452.
  • Haddad, K., Williamson, J., Raafat, F. (2012) Revisiting the Laffer Curve: A Case for Raising Social Security Tax Rate. Western Regional Meeting of the American Institute for Decision Sciences

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