Headshot of Dan Goldzband

Dan Goldzband


Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy


Dan Goldzband, CMA, MBA, MSA, brings diverse and varied experience to teaching accounting and finance. His decades of experience includes positions at accounting firms and financial institutions in addition to almost 20 years in manufacturing and biotech companies. He has worked as a cost accountant and operational financial analyst at several outstanding local companies, including Cohu, General Dynamics and Biolegend, as well as Carl Zeiss Vision (no longer based in San Diego). In all his roles he worked closely with the sales, engineering and production departments. Dan draws on all his experience (even a stint in air freight when fresh out of college) to bring relevance and purposefulness to the classes he teaches. He holds an MBA in finance from UCLA and an MSA from SDSU, is a certified management accountant and passed the CPA exam in 2011.

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