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Congcong Zheng, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Management Department


Professor Zheng has presented at numerous academic conferences and has published in two refereed books. Her academic articles have appeared in the Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of World Business, Management International Review, Journal of Small Business Management, Group and Organization Management, and Journal of Entrepreneurial Education. Prior to entering academia, Zheng was a consultant in BDA China Ltd., specializing in advising clients on market entry and investment decisions in China's internet and telecom sector. She holds a BS in business administration from University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in China and Ph.D. from London Business School.  

Interests: Entrepreneurship  Business (China)  Entrepreneurship (International)  Entrepreneurship (Societal Impact)  Business (Leadership)  Business (Operating Environments)  Organizations (Charitable)  Business (International) 

  • 2010 Distinguished Research Award, Lead Author, Academy of Entrepreneurship
  • Ph.D, London Business School, Entrepreneurship and Management.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
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  • Senate, 2012 -

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