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The Fowler College of Business uses a variety of rubrics to rate and assess student work. Rubrics developed to assess specific DLOs related to Program Learning Goals such as critical thinking and global competency are provided in the FCB Assessment Blackboard Homeroom.

What is a Rubric and how do I make one?

This handy tutorial is ideal for anyone who wants to get started using a rubric to grade. All faculty members are encouraged to share rubrics for specific assignments with their students when the assignment is made. Doing this will help students understand expectations and should improve the quality of student work.

Download the Rubric Primer (pdf)

Communication Skills Rubric

The Fowler Communication Skills rubrics represent the Fowler College of Business' expectations for all of our students, from freshmen through Executive MBAs. Faculty members are encouraged to share these rubrics with their students and use them in evaluating student work.